FO Friday Not - From The Main Blog

Well, here it is 'FO Friday' and I have sweet FA to show for it. **sulks**
Okay, not really sulking but wishing I planned ahead more than I plan in the middle! 'Smoke Rings' - NCM2016 #2 - is still at about 90% done and I'm at the mercy of Ravelry, waiting on Sellers. Failing that, the shawl is large enough to cast off now and call it for done. 'Ile d'Ecosse' - NCM2016 #3 - is also nearly complete and would be done if I'd not decided that I wanted to bead the border. The Toho Round Seed Beads 8/0's in 'Metallic Cosmos' should be here any day and hopefully, the FO will be worth the wait.
Stymied creatively, I wandered around my stash and Rav queue, looking for something to keep me occupied until I can get back to NCM and came up with some recently stashed Tosh merino light and a shawl pattern from The Yarniad - 'Pennae'. It's coming along nicely with a mod here and there so I don't die of 'garter-itis' and quellin…

March Is National Crochet Month ~ 2016 Version

It's here again: National Crochet Month!

I'm excited start my #NCM2016 project - Armorique Shawl by Hélène Marcy. I've reclaimed some Berroco Ultra Alpaca Fine from a never-ending knitting project and am reading through the pattern to get a feel for the construction.
My Etsy shop is celebrating NCM too! **Celebrating National Crochet Month with free shipping of any yarn purchase - Canada and USA. Use coupon code: NCM2016FREESHIP at checkout**

What will you be working on this year?

A Little This A Little That

Almost forgot about you, poor Blogger! Here's the latest from the main blog:
The snow came to stay but I'm sufficiently dug out and knitting on a sunny Sunday afternoon. Making good progress with 'Ariel' aka: Absinthe Mermaid, the Manos Fino is a treat to work with and a perfect sub for Tosh Merino Light incidentally.
Body almost ready to separate for back and front.
I dug out an old skein of Ruby Sapphire sock yarn and am playing with the bones of a new design. RS yarns were an Indie company that I loved. Generous skeins and very limited colours, many customised with their fans names - yup, there is a 'Karin' colourway :) The one that I'm working with is 'Heather', a lovely, springtime mix with touches of teal and sand that keep it from being to saccharine. 'Biaisée' is the working name for this scarf.
The diagonal line and sunlight. How Vermeer!
I have a lot of a skein leftover from my 'Metallicus' tee and have been churning out the…

Quick Update

Tons of new stuff in my Etsy shop. Counted cross stitch fans, I no longer stitch and have listed many OOP charts, kits and semi-kits. Some lovely discontinued yarns - Debbie Bliss, Sundara, Etc. plus ready-to-wear and KeiB Designs patterns.
Shop Link --> KeiB Designs and Knits <-- p="">
And most recent post from the main blog:
A little here, a little there. Verra busy lately!
Sothia my love, you try me! 793 stitchesLP DetailSothia Texture
Ariel aka: Absinthe Mermaid startLilli Pilli so close to finished :)Absinthe Mermaid texture

Shop and Ravelry Updates

What's not fun about a makeover?! Except all the work... The time had more than come for an investment of effort. My Etsy shop is 8 years old now and I've been on Ravelry since 2007. Needless to say, many photos needed updates - some still need to be scanned for upload. Things like links, tags, SEO, other social media weren't around then and sadly, left some of my early posts and listings were very 'bush league'.
Today was the day that I made time to update some old knitting project photos and with them, did a massive update. I focused on Etsy and the trickle-down landed on Flickr and Ravelry. It's not quite finished but close to it and I'm glad with the results. Part of the update process was to unpack, evaluate and post or pitch my many counted cross stitch kits and supplies. At one time, I was as obsessed with this craft as I currently am with knitting and the CCS stash accrued shows it! The bottom line had to be, I will never be able to do it all (36 k…

From The Main Blog ~ Suffering Startitis

I seem to have 'outstarted' myself in the last week. This is common for me - the ADD, OCD, creative-type thing. Everything I picked up and cast on but almost immediately, went sour. Kind of how I imagine a bad first date would be. Part of it is being committed to working from my stash and if you've seen my Ravelry stash, you'll understand why. Despite the size and variety, I wasn't getting the 'THIS!' feeling from anything. I decided that maybe a new pattern would be the ticket and purchased a couple including, Wolfberry Knits 'Metallicus' tee. It was the cure! A new pattern, some old stash and I have a cute tee shirt ready to go for when spring arrives here. I used up some Nashua Creative Focus Linen in pale teal and am really pleased with the finished project. Met-eal-i-cus:
Metallicus ~ Finished, neckline detailMetallicus ~ Finished
Some of the survivors from the 'startitis' frenzy are two hexi-type stashbuster blankets. I love this patte…

From The Main Blog ~ Last Stitches 2015

Leventry-tini aka: Leventry by Sarah Jordan. Off the blocking mat and onto M'amselle for its debut:
Leventry-tini ~ FinishedLeventry-tini ~ Border and edging detailLeventry-tini ~ Front view
Leventry-tini ~ Yarn and pattern stitch view
Progress photo of 'First Stitches 2016' aka: Matinée Cowl ~ Indian Paintbrush: Indian Paintbrush progress