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Raww-wr-wr-wr! (With Apologies To Grumperina!)

I couldn't resist posting this pic. It's totally cheating, since I knit these about 12 or 13 years ago when my DD and DS were little. For those of you who keep up with Grumperina, you've probably noticed her posts showing her knitted dinosaurs. I used to love making stuff like this from sweater leftovers, well, actually I just like making them. It made me feel much less "Geeky" to see someone as accomplished as Grumperina making the same type of things.

I have posted pictures under my "Finished" of my first toe-up sock with a short row heel. I like learning new techniques every once in a while, just to shake things up and keep my brain from calcifying! I'm not sure I love this technique yet - I may in time. I liked knitting all in one piece, without having to go back and pick up a heel flap, although over the years, I've become quite good at it. I couldn't knit them on auto pilot (something that's handy during NHL playoffs) as I had to st…

See! I Really Do Knit!

I have been buying a vast amount of sock yarn lately. "Oo-o-o-o, pretty colours!" Rather ironic considering that I haven't knit a sock in a year. I went through a sock phase and burned out, if that's really possible. I think I just went into simmer mode waiting to be introduced to new techniques, yarns, patterns. So here it is: my first attempt at a "Toe Up" sock! Don't laugh, I've been a "Cuff Down" gal for a very long time and didn't' think I could learn a new method but so far, so good. There is much progress since yesterday, when this was taken - I'm actually at the point of working short rows for the heel - this is also a little different than the ultra traditional Patons heel I've always used. Yes, I really do use my Grandma's old Patons booklets ;). This is all in prelude to (hopefully) learning to work two toe-ups at the same time on circulars. I'm hoping that this will be progress and that I won't be kn…

Where Did My Week Go?

I just realized I've spent more time surfing for yarn and patterns than knitting or blogging! My Picovoli is coming along nicely - I've added a couple inches to the bottom to accomodate my taste and figure. I received some really yummy cotton sock yarn in the mail today and will have a pictures of both soon. I've joined two KAL's, my very first and I'm really excited about both. I've ordered everything for my Green Gable (Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece - Sage Green) and am still waffling about my Pomatomus yarn. Ebay has some gorgeous Cherry Tree Hill yarn but I've been hearing good things about Lorna's Laces as well. If anyone has suggestions, I'm open. Thank you for the warm welcome to those of you who commented. I hope to "visit" with a few of you as we all progress with our projects.

My One Woman "Behind-A-Long"

Not much posting this week. I have been playing with HTML and admiring other people's blogs. I wonder has anyone else been taking some serious teasing about "Knitting People" who are also "Wired"? You'd think the two were mutually exclusive judging by some of the remarks I've heard! Mind you, I get a lot of "Wow! You don't look like a Knitter" or "I can't see myself doing THAT" anyway. What does a "Knitter" look like?

The one bit of knitting I have accomplished is to begin my own KAL - so welcome to my One Woman "Behind-A-Long"! I enjoyed all the posts about Grumperina's "Picovoli" and while doing some stash tidying - came across some antique Classic Elite "Metro" that seemed a good fit with the design. This yarn has been stashed so long - I think since the early 80's! I don't think it looks dated 'tho. Has nice drape and a lovely sheen. I've dubbed the colourway &quo…

Weekend Visit To LYS

Well, Friday is here. All my searching internet yarn shops has left me wanting to acutally get out and touch some wool. I'll be heading to my cross-town LYS for the first time. They carry all the Rowan and Noro lines, items the shop in my end of town doesn't.

Have started the Interweave Knits Ballet Wrap sweater in a vintage Cleckheaton yarn called "Irish Down", but a recent purchase of Rowan Kidsilk haze arrived in the mail today and I am itching to start my first shawl. "Kiri". Starting is so much more fun than finishing!

And So It Begins...

First entry on my first blog - feeling rather technologically advanced! Now to master the HTML bit and I'll be all set.

Well fellow knitters, I haven't knit a stitch today! I know... I am watching CSI reruns - new to me shows and they don't really lend themselves to stitching at the same time.

I did just finish a full length sweater coat in Paton's Divine. Hopefully will have picture to post after sewing up the seams. Will be looking in my stash on the next commercial break for some sock yarn to try out the two-needle sock method.

So... Let's hit the button see what happens and maybe blogging will become my new favourite hobby!