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Answering A Challenge

These are posted in response toScout's "Are You Nosy" MeMe challenge - and I didn't clean up - that only happens if people are coming over.

This is my "Office" and the view of my project / coffee table. This has all my current WIP's - older ones are banished to my actual sewing room until I get interested in them again. I usually leave any newer stash purchases here to admire for a day or two. My sofas often stand in as work space too.

"I'm Fit and I Knit" update: Doing Hatha / Dance tape every second day since 21 May.

A More Productive Knitting Week

My dedication has paid off a little - here are some pictures of my progress. It's nice to get some knitting done, the blogging can be so interesting and definitely is a great source of information, not to mention endless temptation but there's nothing like finally seeing the end of a project.
These are my finished Pomatomus. I liked everything about these; the Lorna's Laces yarn, the pattern - just challenging enough. I used 2.5mm dpns for these.

This is the beginning of my Grannie Smith Cardigan.

My Project Spectrum Socks. These have my full attention right now - the colour keeps me awake :) ! I really love this project I hope to have a pair by the end of the weekend. I wanted to theme all of the P.S. projects 'cause I'm just that geeky. The yarn is Mama E's "Maybelle", dyed specifically for this KAL, the pattern is "Leaf Lace" and as always, I'm using 2.5mm dpns.

A Long Weekend Of Socks

Here is my first "Knitting On The Road" sock - "Denmark". I have since turned the heel and have the foot about half done. I love this pattern! It looks like intertwined hearts - very pretty! This KAL is really inspiring, although I don't think this book would languish on my shelf anyway - lot's of really intriguing patterns - I've already bought yarn to do the "New England" socks. And now back to the knitting :).

If Only Knitting Built Biceps!

A quick note as I'm actually trying hard to knit and not get caught up in blogging (read as: wandering around the internet)! I recently joined "I'm fit and I knit". I came across Lolly's blog (hm-m-m, maybe that wandering isn't so bad) and thought it was a really great idea. I stopped working out after being run down by an SUV three years ago, in May. I couldn't do anything for awhile, due to injury and focusing on physio but my formerly athletic lifestyle saved me for the first couple years but some bad habits have crept in. I hope this will motivate me to get back to all the activities I've always loved. It was really inspiring to see the list of participants - good luck to us all! Green Gable is coming along, KOTR "Denmarks" - one cast on - love the cables, Poms - one down - first repeat done on the mate, Grannie Smith - will cast on this week, Project Spectrum - my pattern showed up today - itching to cast on - must show some dis…

Saturday Is Hockey Night In Canada

Here's Green Gable so far. I have another 4 rows before slipping the sleeves.

One Pomatomus down and after a short break to cast on and work a little of Green Gable, I've got the 2nd cast on.

Finished Regia Stretch socks. Done in the "Skater" colourway on Aero 2.75 dpns. The pattern is from a very old but still in print, Patons leaflet that my Grandma T. gave me.

Game 2, second round Playoffs, we're down 3 to1. I'm very stressed - need novelty yarn and really FAT needles to watch this game.

SuperKALafragellistic! (Yes, I Did Say That ;p)

(Pics to follow soon) I have no more excuses to not start on my KAL's - all my yarn showed up Monday and Tuesday. Whatever made me think that going from 0 to 4 KAL's at the same time was a good thing? I guess I just fell in love with the idea - I only discovered this whole knitting internet a couple months ago, must catch up. I have ordered a pattern for my Project Spectrum that I hope will do justice to my beautiful "May-belle", have everything for my Grannie Smith and have actually started on my Green Gable. I went with the recommended yarn, Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece and I really like it. Very soft and I'm hoping the yarn content will give it some "stitch memory". Most cottons don't have it at all. Green Gable goes first because this is my NHL knitting and my team is in the 2nd round playoffs (by the skin of their teeth as of tonight - Go Senators Go - Four In A Row! I need something that will resist dropped stitches and /or pattern fallout during…

One Fish, Two Fish...

A quick update; Pomatomus is coming along swimmingly! I love the Lorna's Laces yarn. It's soft and yet very strong (for those K2 Tbl's) and I'm really happy with how the pattern isn't fighting with the lace work. I tried a new cast on for the first time in decades and I really like the appearance. It was a little awkward at first but I think I may start using this for all my socks. A little more stash enhancing happened this week too. Some Cherry Tree Hill Supersock, a lovely handpainted Ebay find, and some Rowan 4-ply Soft. I'll need to find patterns worthy of the first two, the Rowan is destined for the Lovely Lace socks in the Spring Interweave. Here are some "Pom" pics, I can't believe I'm actually getting these done while the KAL is still on. I have one more pattern repeat to go before the heel and the pattern became easier very quickly - I'm already planning a second pair!

Please Mr. Postman...

I feel like I should be singing that song every day now as I wait anxiously for my "Green Gable" yarn to arrive. I thought I might actually be participating in a KAL at the same time as everyone else but alas... . The good news? My "Pomatomus" yarn is all wound, just waiting to be cast on and off I go. The colourway looks really pretty in the ball - more like how it will look in the pattern I think, so looking forward to that as soon as I finish this update.

I did pick up some lovely handpainted sock yarn on Ebay in a very unique colourway - I think I may be brave and try my own pattern on this (pics to follow - with thanks to DD).

Must go and cast on poms - can't wait to get my hands on that Lorna's Laces!

Swag! And Other Good Things...

I've had a nice beginning to the month of May. I visited at my LYS and picked up Knitting On The Road by Nancy Bush along with some lovely ivory Regia stretch to make up the New England socks. This morning, the Postman dropped off more sock yarn - the blue skeins are destined for my Pomatomus socks - better late start than none! The beautiful wine coloured mohair is my score from a couple weekends ago when I finally visited an LYS in the East End of my city. The soft lilac/mauve skein is a hand-dyed stretch cotton that I purchased online - also destined for socks. The "Sock Of Shame" has become a finished object (cuff of the mate on the needles). I am so happy with the Regia stretch wool. It has a lovely feel - I was concerned that it wouldn't and the stitch definition, even with slightly larger needles (this pair was done on 2.75mm), is very good.

My "One Woman Behind-A-Long" has come to a successful close. The Picovoli is finished! One happy side-effect of…