If Only Knitting Built Biceps!

A quick note as I'm actually trying hard to knit and not get caught up in blogging (read as: wandering around the internet)! I recently joined "I'm fit and I knit". I came across Lolly's blog (hm-m-m, maybe that wandering isn't so bad) and thought it was a really great idea. I stopped working out after being run down by an SUV three years ago, in May. I couldn't do anything for awhile, due to injury and focusing on physio but my formerly athletic lifestyle saved me for the first couple years but some bad habits have crept in. I hope this will motivate me to get back to all the activities I've always loved. It was really inspiring to see the list of participants - good luck to us all! Green Gable is coming along, KOTR "Denmarks" - one cast on - love the cables, Poms - one down - first repeat done on the mate, Grannie Smith - will cast on this week, Project Spectrum - my pattern showed up today - itching to cast on - must show some discipline!


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