10 June 2006

Annual Knit In Public Day

I had very good intentions but it is so rainy and miserable today, I did a token stand on the front porch in front of all the neighbors (not many around) and that was my "Knit In Public". I don't really need a special day to knit in public - I'm "Out" and proud with the knitting thing, there are just too few good knitting hours in a day to waste them. Am I right? Yeah, of course. Hope the rest of you participating had wonderful weather and good turnouts. Cheers...

1 comment:

Melissa said...

no, my knitting friend - it seems as if you were on the wrong side ;)

hurray for the canes! what an awesome game! the oilers put up a very good fight though.

maybe next year the flyers and the senators will fair better.