Rainy Weekend - Good Knitting

So... Let's see, Project Spectrum May wrapped up and I'm proud to say I got a project done in the actual allotted timeframe. (pics to follow - here now). I am going to dive right in to the next KOTR sock "Canal du Midi" today, hopefully to get caught up with the rest of the KAL'ers. "Denmark" is languishing - I don't like the yarn at all. I'm not sure if I've got a bad skein or if I've become spoiled by some of the artist-spun merino I've been using; but this Invicta feels like straw! I may try the design later in something stashed. PS June yarn is on it's way - I think I have a suitable "theme" pattern to do those up in. And I need to work on the math for one of my own designs (still - I am the Queen of Procrastination). I started back to school on the 29th of May and unfortunately, it's cutting into my knitting time - need some simple projects to do on the commute back and forth to the College. I'm off to look for some nifty patterned / coloured yarn to do really simple "Bus" socks and use up some stash at the same time. See you....


Dipsy D. said…
Wow, I really love the green socks, such a very happy and cheerful color! Great job! Your new ones also seem to become gorgeous, I love that pattern you're using! Happy Knitting!

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