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Another One For The Sock Collection

One more pair completed for Summer of Socks. I finished these up July 23rd. Also inDalegarn Baby Ull, yeah, it was a little bit of a theme. Done now. PS July is really coming along - it will do double duty in Summer of Socks. This PS has been a joy to knit - the yarn, the pattern (one I've put together), the colour! I also couldn't resist casting on the Trekking that I picked up in T.O. Still being on vacation, I've done a little more shopping than usual - including a visit to my LYS. We have three really good ones in this area and there is little overlap in stock so it's always worth making the cross-town trip to see what's available. I picked up some pretty lavender Berrococ Denim Silk and another skein of Fleece Artist's Merino Sock. Some Koigu arrived in the mail yesterday and I look forward to trying it for the first time. Considering that Koigu is made in Canada, it's rather annoying that it's hard to find and usually cheaper on ebay! Other proje…

Quick Addenda

These didn't want to upload with the original post. I guess if you're talkin' stash you should have the pics to show too!

Here is the Hand Maiden and Louet that I picked up at Lettuce Knit.

Back to Reality

We're back safe and sound from Toronto. This was a nice little trip, DH had business in the city and so the rest of us tagged along. We took in "Spamalot!", the new Monty Python musical, Canada's Wonderland - yes, the elderly teenagers really wanted to but must have been my tenth visit there - DH said that the only difference now is that, the dinosaurs aren't real anymore, funny guy he. and did a little site-seeing, mostly shopping. I made my pilgrimage toLettuce Knit, in Kensington Market. KM itself is wonderful (I remember it from"King of Kensington" when I was a kid) but LK was knitters' knirvana :). I picked up just a few goodies, they have just recently moved a few doors down from their old location and had sold out of a few things but I found lots to get into trouble with. Alchemy Silk has been added to my Christmas list! We rented a PT Cruiser for our drive down, a fun car, but 5 hours on the road - so I brought along a few projects to stay s…

My Photographer Is On Strike!

**EDITED TO ADD* Shame is a wonderful thing - ranks right up there with bribery in the handbook of Parenting ;) ! And, Summer of Socks #4 is finished - pictures next Saturday - maybe some Travelling sock pictures too, as we're off for a family vacation.

Until she gets off her duff, you'll have to take my word for it.... I finished another pair this week, it's technically Project Spectrum June but is doing double duty in the Summer of Socks contest. Officicial Summer #3 is at the one and a half point and #4 is half done (I really liked the pattern and couldn't resist jumping ahead). I received some wonderful Manos this week, too. I really do knit other things but I'm having such a HUGE sock Jones going on right now, it probably doesn't look that way. The Manos may entice me away for a quick project 'tho. I'll try and post some pictures later today - I really need to get Photoshop...

Short and Sweet

Yay! Summer of Socks #2 is done - finished on the 7th of July. These are Dalegarn Baby Ull. Done on 2.50mm dpns and with an "Eye of Partridge" heel. I haven't used this particular heel pattern before but can see more of it in my future.

This is a progress shot of my 3rd Summer of Socks. This is another lace anklet, Dalegarn Baby Ull and I'm using 2.75mm's for these.

I have half a pair of my "official" Project Spectrun June finished and did get my "Beauregard" for the July socks.

It's really too nice right now to be knitting and my garden calls. Ciao...

It's July The First!


Woot! Fist Summer of Socks pair is complete. I loved every minute of these. I moved on to the second pair, also in Dalegarn Baby Ull. This yarn is proving a real joy to work with. My Project Spectrum June fell a bit behind , but in an attempt to have them somewhat "official", I cast them on last night at about 11:00pm! They are looking good so far, done in CyberFiber "Junebug" and using a very simple pattern that I hope will showcase the subtle colour changes.Someone needs to kick me in the butt re: Green Gable. I have utterly lost interest! I know it will look best with some of the shaping mentioned on the Knit-A-Long page and I just can't seem to get excited about picking it up again. Unfortunately, it's the same story with my Grannie Smith Cardigan; languishing at them bottom of my To Do pile. I did get some gorgeous Knitpicks "Shine" in the mail this week and am feeling more inspired to get that knitted up. It will work in wel…