It's July The First!

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Woot! Fist Summer of Socks pair is complete. I loved every minute of these. I moved on to the second pair, also in Dalegarn Baby Ull. This yarn is proving a real joy to work with.

My Project Spectrum June fell a bit behind , but in an attempt to have them somewhat "official", I cast them on last night at about 11:00pm! They are looking good so far, done in CyberFiber "Junebug" and using a very simple pattern that I hope will showcase the subtle colour changes.

Someone needs to kick me in the butt re: Green Gable. I have utterly lost interest! I know it will look best with some of the shaping mentioned on the Knit-A-Long page and I just can't seem to get excited about picking it up again. Unfortunately, it's the same story with my Grannie Smith Cardigan; languishing at them bottom of my To Do pile. I did get some gorgeous Knitpicks "Shine" in the mail this week and am feeling more inspired to get that knitted up. It will work in well with the whole Project Spectrum thing as it is the most glorious shade of orchid purple - my favourite colour! Time to party - gotta go get my Maple Leaf on - have a great weekend everyone!

P.S.: Thanks to all of you who have taken the time to comment - I'm still new enough at this that I find it incredibly cool that anyone reads or comments, and it makes this blogging really fun.


Stariel said…
Love the pretty socks! Where do you get the CyberFiber yarn? And what pattern did you use for the pink socks?
Karin said…
Hi, CyberFibers are from and the pink socks are the "Lovely Lace" socks from Interweave Knits Magazine. Thanks for stopping by!
Bossygirl said…
LOVE the socks!!!! You did a great job with them!!!!! Enjoyed your blog, too.
Melissa said…
Poor Grannie! We have a few more takers on the KAL now - maybe we'll jumpstart you on that one. Or make you feel guilty enough to pick it up again! :)

Lovely socks too!

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