My Photographer Is On Strike!

**EDITED TO ADD* Shame is a wonderful thing - ranks right up there with bribery in the handbook of Parenting ;) ! And, Summer of Socks #4 is finished - pictures next Saturday - maybe some Travelling sock pictures too, as we're off for a family vacation.

Until she gets off her duff, you'll have to take my word for it.... I finished another pair this week, it's technically Project Spectrum June but is doing double duty in the Summer of Socks contest. Officicial Summer #3 is at the one and a half point and #4 is half done (I really liked the pattern and couldn't resist jumping ahead). I received some wonderful Manos this week, too. I really do knit other things but I'm having such a HUGE sock Jones going on right now, it probably doesn't look that way. The Manos may entice me away for a quick project 'tho. I'll try and post some pictures later today - I really need to get Photoshop...


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