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Metzo Metzo

The good stuff first - stash! Excellent, Rare Comfort, Cotton Fleeceand Katrina. Each actually has a project for which it is destined. (Ha, double Ha!) Is there ever enough purple for me? Never!

And a small vent, if I could. (I will anyway). A few of my favourite online yarn stores do NOT have paypal (or similar) as accepted forms of payment. Kpixie, Knit Happens, KnitPicks and Jimmy Bean's - please - if you have Interact in your bricks and mortar stores, think of paypal as the same for your online customers. Any costs incurred by Retailers would be more than compensated for by rabid yarn shoppers. I like the idea that my purchase is actually PAID for, not sitting on a credit card and I shop a lot more where this option is offered. OK, done with that. Without further ado.... Here is my favourite yarn - why? Because my submission to a "Name the Skein" contest over at the Summer of Socks KALhad the honour of winning! I am so chuffed about this! I never win stuff - ask the …

The Summer Sock KAL Windown

My first socks for the Petals Collection KAL. These are "Calla Lily". (Summer of Socks#9). I changed these up just a little bit. I did a double start cast on - just because its become my favourite. I added a little band of purl stitches at the heel flap edge (a la German heel-style) to echo the purled cuff edge and I changed the Welsh heel to a French heel from Nancy Bush's "Knitting Vintage Socks". Don't tell my Gran - she's Welsh :). I wish the lace pattern showed up better in the pics - a live ankle would show it up better, but I didn't have a helper today. "Sizzle" is sidelined - just temporarily - another shell needed to be cast on - Kertzer's "Cats Meow". This may be a colossal flop - the stashed yarn I'm using is completely different from the called for, other than the gauge - however, used stash is reason to buy new stash! My Project Spectrum yarn for August arrived this Friday past and I cast on right away. I am…

Summer Sizzle

My latest attempt at something other than socks, and an "anti-stash" project as well. This lovely Estelle yarn started life as half of a purse/shrug combo for DD's grade 8 graduation. (She's now in 2nd year college - shame face - although she did get the purse!). It is being ressurected as "Sizzle" by Wendy Bernard. I finished SOS #8 last weekend and had this pattern calling my name, so raided the stash, got gauge and got going. Just about to the shoulder seams and hopefully done by Sunday. The Summer of Socks #8 was fun to do, mostly because of the yarn. I did a few modifications on the pattern and like the result. I have more Hill Country in the queue, so hopefully will make my goal of 10 pairs of socks for the KAL. Off to write a pseudo-will for my homework, blech....

The New (and Improved !) Blog and Knittitude

Well, I know I was whining a little about socks in my last post but after finding this little bit of sock yarn goodness in my stash, I'm eating my words! This is Summer of Socks #8 in the works. I had this lovey Hill Country merino buried but I'm glad to have found it. My favourite colours and a new pattern, I'm mod-ing this one a fair bit, I find I've become fussy about my patterns. I did answer the call of The Manos - pictures here. What a fab yarn! I will definitely be making up excuses to buy more of this! DD said she was relieved to see me knitting something other than socks :). I think despite my current Starving (a little) Student status, there will be more yarn in my immediate future. Elannites! It's your fault! All the rave reviews have left me feeling like a jumper in need of a bandwagon :). Yes, I have some Katrina on the way - do let me know, anyone who has it already how it works up. Speaking of Elannites, have you seen this?:

I was sorely tempted afte…

If I Never See Another Sock...

Summer of Socks #6 - the purple one (also is Project Spectrum July) 23 July - 31 July '06, and Summer of Socks #7 in Trekking XXL, 25 July-4 August '06.

Can You Believe This Heat?!

I usually update on Saturdays but the weather here is worth mentioning. Today, in Otawa ON (Canada, friends) it has reached 46C or 48C with the humidity. That is 118F!! I've lived here most of my life and still find this noteworthy, considering the other extreme of our weather, that Ottawa is the second coldest capital city in the world. (I think the first coldest is in Russia or Mongolia.) I have been out in this and survived - school is back in after our all-too-brief summer break and lugging my books around was really a pain today!

I am still knitting - crazy, I know - I'm sure I look a sight with my needles and yarn - little summer clothes and a fan blowing on me - we don't have central air. Normally, I don't want CA but I think poor DH and and the Two Teens will out vote me for next year.

I did finish Summer of Socks #6 / Project Spectrum July and am half-way through SS #7. Pictures may not be available for a while, DD's laptop burned out and she is the …