Metzo Metzo

The good stuff first - stash! Excellent, Rare Comfort, Cotton Fleece and Katrina. Each actually has a project for which it is destined. (Ha, double Ha!) Is there ever enough purple for me? Never!

And a small vent, if I could. (I will anyway). A few of my favourite online yarn stores do NOT have paypal (or similar) as accepted forms of payment. Kpixie, Knit Happens, KnitPicks and Jimmy Bean's - please - if you have Interact in your bricks and mortar stores, think of paypal as the same for your online customers. Any costs incurred by Retailers would be more than compensated for by rabid yarn shoppers. I like the idea that my purchase is actually PAID for, not sitting on a credit card and I shop a lot more where this option is offered. OK, done with that. Without further ado.... Here is my favourite yarn - why? Because my submission to a "Name the Skein" contest over at the Summer of Socks KAL had the honour of winning! I am so chuffed about this! I never win stuff - ask the clerk at the lottery kiosk over at the drug store :).
Thanks so much to Mama E for creating and donating this for the contest and to Jessica, who has done such a great job hosting this KAL - the last few pairs have been tough for me, but over all, a lot of fun.


Bri McStan said…
You go girl. I love the name you came up with; it's really perfect and would be hard to beat. Go knit yourself up a little purple something to celecrate!
Trish said…
Congratulations on the naming! So much better to win at something creative, than to win the lottery. Ok, maybe not, but it is still VERY cool!
junior_goddess said…
Let's hear is for the Polynesian Pool! Where can we see more of this yarn? VERY NICE!
junior_goddess said…
Oh my GOSH-

Girl, you are a SOLD OUT yarn-namer.

Way to go!
about the two colors.... The color changes don't show up on the leg warmers because they were all done at purl stitches so are in a sort of ditch. I just tug the last stitch of the color I am switching from so it is tight. You might try posting on the Elann chat to get more helpful tips.
Zarzuela said…
So glad you got the yarn. :) Enjoy it!


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