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WIP Wednesday

I had to share this, before it hits the frog pond. My oldest WIP, and now, I realize never to be finished. Check out that vintage Sirdar pattern! The wool was amazing, if I could find it for the IK Ballet Wrap, I would buy it again. This was started before the advent of DS, so at least 16 years it's been waiting - sadly, even my eclectic style will not allow for something so 80's, unless I give in on this Skinny Jean thing, because, of course, now that they've been resurrected, they're no longer tacky, "The 80's, but better", WTF?!!
My next WIP was supposed to be an FO for this coming Friday (it has become an "F" "O" of another interpretation)! My poor Quasimodo jacket. No snickering. I ran out of yarn - it was hotly debated whether the pattern was accurate, in the amount of yarn required, and after checking and rechecking, I say something has to be off. Yes, I have some long tails, but even cutting them off and trying to knit them in …

Yarn Porn and More

I love that - "yarn porn" - thank you Misses Lime & Violet! This was the week that some of my latest obsessions arrived. Just in time for me to be late for my KAL's as usual! To the left, my Tilli - I can't wait to get going on this. My Alpaca Cloud showed up too - with tiny varigations in the yarn that are really pretty, I think the Fall Cable KAL will be a stash buster, I found a great pattern in IK and a yarn that looks alot like the called-for, and yes, I will swatch. My 2nd packet for the Petals Sockclub arrived - the packaging is almost as pretty as the yarn! and last but not least, Silk Garden. This will eventually be "Lady Eleanor" from the Scarf Style book.
Thanks everyone for your comments on my SOS socks. I loved this KAL - 'cause I love socks. Jayne asked: did I get faster as I went along; maybe a little but mostly I wanted to try some new patterns and techniques, and I definitely did that! I'm a huge fan of a picot cuff now and foun…

Eye Candy Friday

The last day of Summer.... I can see the quality of the sunlight changing already - getting thinner. The gardens still look lovely 'tho, for being so sadly neglected this year.

Summer of Socks Finale!

This is my "Group Shot" for SOS 2006. Finished ten pairs and had a ton of fun!

WIP Wednesday

"Regine" is coming along nicely - after a false start with the stated needles - I restarted with needles a half size larger to compensate for my vertical tension and so far, so good! I also decided on a "do-over" for the Schoeller Stahl jacket - I didn't care for the cast on I used, had to transfer to the circular anyway, so I did that last night and am much happier with the way it looks.
The "Summer of Socks" KAL is winding down - I believe tomorrow is the official end date. Thanks Jessica, for putting together such a fantastic KAL. It was really well organized, I liked the group effort updates, and the contests were fun to follow and participate in! I posted a photo to the group, I'm still a bit surprised at what I got finished - nice for a change
Autumn Solstice is almost here, and to get everyone in that Fall frame of mind, Lolly is doing "Socktoberfest" again this year. I wasn't part of the online knitting community last year but…

What Kind Of Knitter Am I? Other Than Addicted?

I found this quiz while visiting at SooZ blog. Apparently, I am a Knitting Guru. That's only because there were no questions about swatching, or finishing!

What Kind of Knitter Are You?

You appear to be a Knitting Guru. You love knitting and do it all the time. While finishing a piece is the plan, you still love the process, and can't imagine a day going by without giving some time to your yarn. Packing for vacation involves leaving ample space for the stash and supplies. It can be hard to tell where the yarn ends and you begin.
Take this quiz!


OMG!! It's A (Technological) Miracle!

My little place on Blogger has been inaccessible for the last few days - and I was getting severely stressed! I guess I like my little hobby more than I thought! A little knitting content to the left - yes, I actually have an FO. If you read here or know me, you already know that I am a Starter of Olympic proportions and that I suck big time at finishing anything. The thrill wears off very quickly, or if there is any seaming to be done. Oh well... the wash rag counts. I have cast on a couple of sweaters to rotate back and forth and keep the interest going. Still anxiously waiting for my Tilli Thomas to arrive - everyone else in the KAL will be finished before I even swatch! Yes, I actually said swatch. I was humbled by my own stupidity (I simply refuse to swatch - ever, in the history of my knitting) last week but I will do so for the SKB. I am a bit of a knit-a-long fool; I signed up for the Fall Cable KAL 2006, it looks fun and I am fond of cable designs. I'll pick a small projec…

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

Whew! They're both officially back - as of yesterday. DD (aka "Budding Graphic Designer"), is back for 3 years in Graphic Design and after grduating from the 1 year Pre-Design / Portfolio program. She is over the moon. Keener! DS (aka "Budding Rock Guitarist") is back at high school for grade 10 - academic / music and band focus. Somewhat less keen. It's nice to be back into something of a routine - although my being back in college kinda mucks things up a little - in a good way - I hope - someday.... The pictures are the last days of freedom, spent at Paramount Canada's Wonderland in Toronto with Mum and Dad. Hm-m-m, the knitting? Not so much the last few days. Some "Dragon Scale" socks in Opal handpaint, the "Augustus" socks just about finished, and looking for some nice laceweight to make up "Trellis Scarf" (Spring 2006 IK) for the E.A. Clark knitalong.

Eye Candy Friday AND If You Are Looking To Stash Enhance...

Wow! I seem to be quite the chatterbox this week.... I had meant to mention in my previous post, but had procrastinated to the point where it had to be done separately. I recently went through my stash - which is shameful - not large, but some borderline ancient items, and after picking some items out for my Nan, still seemed in need of thinning. So, I have a virtual garage sale going on HERE Seller ID: parkerandpenelope), if you might be interested in some yarn, bamboo needles, patterns and even some of my other favourite hobby, counted cross stitch. On the knitting front: My August socks are half done - I am so pleased with how the pattern has come out and hope to share a finished pair photo with you next week. And I have been dithering about trying to find the perfect yarn for a NON-SOCK Kal (can you believe it!?) and am now anxiously awaiting some Tilli Thomas silks for the "Simple Knitted Bodice". My LYS has some gorgeous Estelle aran 100% silk that I am looking at for…