OMG!! It's A (Technological) Miracle!

My little place on Blogger has been inaccessible for the last few days - and I was getting severely stressed! I guess I like my little hobby more than I thought! A little knitting content to the left - yes, I actually have an FO. If you read here or know me, you already know that I am a Starter of Olympic proportions and that I suck big time at finishing anything. The thrill wears off very quickly, or if there is any seaming to be done. Oh well... the wash rag counts. I have cast on a couple of sweaters to rotate back and forth and keep the interest going.
Still anxiously waiting for my Tilli Thomas to arrive - everyone else in the KAL will be finished before I even swatch! Yes, I actually said swatch. I was humbled by my own stupidity (I simply refuse to swatch - ever, in the history of my knitting) last week but I will do so for the SKB.
I am a bit of a knit-a-long fool; I signed up for the Fall Cable KAL 2006, it looks fun and I am fond of cable designs. I'll pick a small project for this one, in the interests of having completed knitting to put on my So-Called-Knitting blog. In other KAL news, I decided to go ahead and do the Trellis Scarf for the EAClark knit-a-long in "Alpaca Cloud". It was getting some really good reviews in the chat news and I thought the other favourite yarn for this, Rowan kidsilk haze, might be a bit on the fuzzy side for pattern. Can't wait 'til it gets here along with my Knitpicks "options" needles. They have been getting such raves, I thought I'd get 2 of them to try.
Little picture is my "Regine" by Saunshine. I had some Brown Sheep cotton fleece kicking around and it happened to be the specified yarn - it is so soft and nice to work with. Not as hard on the hands as 100% cotton. No picture yet, but my "Excellent" jacket is also cast on, stalled due to having to go and buy 10mm circulars - I really cannot knit with straights anymore, and I am finding the 10's are kinda like knitting with bananas! Must run - UFO's are calling...


junior_goddess said…
Heck, I thought you didn't want to talk to us! Can't wait to see how your KAL stuff turns out!
Anonymous said…
Don't feel bad, a lot of Typepad people have been having problems, too! Good thing I am not a conspiracy theorist!
jayne said…
I've missed you...glad you're back. Yeah, I like my little hobby too. I'd be ticked if it wouldn't let me in.

Starter of Olympic proportions -- ROFL
benne said…
I get excited over handknit dishcloths! That cable KAL sounds great. Pictures, pictures. :-}

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