My First Pattern Offering!

It was very flattering to receive the requests for a pattern for my Socktoberfest socks. I jotted down more notes as I did the second sock, and edited as much as I can, and so, here it is: Maple Sugar Socks. You can contact me at the email addy under my profile and I will email you a copy of the pattern. (I haven't been able to get a clickable link working-yet, something is mucked up with my "publish to the web" wizard!) I was the only test knitter for this, so please, if there are any errors, let me know and I'll make corrections. If any of you do get these made up, I would love to see the finished results. Maybe you could send a photo and I can post them. Thanks again for the warm response - made my week!
NOTE: I listed some knitting, craft and other items at "My Virtual Garage Sale", just click the link to to the right if you want to take a peek)


jayne said…
Congrats on your sock! It's very nice. What yarn did you use for pretty. BTW, that is one MASSIVE sock lol.
Zarzuela said…
Congrats on your first sock pattern! It looks great! :)

I am so impressed! It looks great!
Bri McStan said…
Very exciting!
SooZ said…
Its lovely! The sock to the backdrop makes a beautiful picture. Do you live in that farm house?

Karin said…
Hi Suzie, Thank you! The building is a still-working sugar camp on the "back forty" of my in-laws farm. Every few years my DFIL taps by hand and boils down sap over a wood fire - it was a blast for the kids when they were small and a real treat for us - I'm too spoiled for Aunt Jemima now :).
CatBookMom said…
Karin, you may want to check out the Sock Madness competition. I just read about it on WendyKnits!, Wendy Johnson's blog ( Here's the link to the event You could become even more famous! Go, girlfriend!
SooZ said…
Thanks for answering my question about the farmhouse! A still-working sugar camp! I would love to experience the scent. I have a weakness for maple syrup. I imagine that is what the sugar is.


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