02 November 2006

Running Behind - Again!

I know, I know - but Blogger was misbehaving, there was a Litigation exam to study for, etc., etc.
Isn't this a great centrepiece? DH is Captain Halloween, so stuff like this plus an awesome outside display are annual events here.
I've started the "Lupine Lace" socks for the EA Clark knit-a-long, begun a new sock design (hopefully for a KAL in the New Year), the "Misty Garden" scarf from Pam Allen's scarf style (Trellis shawl had to take a backseat to this because I couldn't resist getting my Jo Sharp rare comfort mohair onto the needles). I am not speaking to my Diagonal Progression - well, until tomorrow anyway. I needed some "quick and dirty" instant gratification knitting.
I'm working my new design in Yarntini's sportweight yarn - I am so-o-o in love with this, saturated colours, soft, springy and sportweight knits up so quick, it is fantastic!
My "Dragon Scales" for the Six Sox KAL is dragging along - don't know why, the Opal handpaint is wonderful to knit with, the colour was a switch for me - but I like it in this design - just slow I guess. I snagged the last "Flora" that Mama E over at Cyber Fibers had - I'll need to think up something great to show this off :)


Zarzuela said...

Sounds like you have a few plates in the air! Can't wait to see more pics. The gingerbread house is awesome by the way! :)


Isela: Purling Sprite said...

The centerpiece is awesome!! I am pathetic....all I had was a pumpkin, lol.

jayne said...

Love that Hallowe'en house!!! Very cool!!!

junior_goddess said...

Your husband gets kudos for adopting a holiday! Way to go!

(Nice socks, btw ;-)

Lisa W. said...

whoo...captain halloween way to go! and nice socks too i might add.

kimberly said...

That house is amazing! I love it!

Melissa said...

what a cute halloween ginger bread house. i want to eat it! as if i haven't had enough sweets the past few days!