A Few Fun Things...

Yay! I've finished a project for the Fall Cable Kal and the Tweeding Along KAL. I am ignoring the fact that this is a subsitute project for both an FO is an FO, right?
Done in stash Cleckheaton 12-ply silk/wool on, circular 4.00mm Addis, and all on the bus on my way to school each day. I still have tons of this yarn left, with plans for a hat and gauntlets to match.

Something really cool - for a person who rarely wins things;
Mama E ran a contest for photos of Fo's using her handpainted yarn.
Check out the wonderful finalists:
And look!:
The photo is a joint effort by myself and DD - thanks DD! So I've won a custom dyed, custom named skein of Mama E's wonderful wool - I'm already a fan, so I'm pretty excited. It was done as a header to a new sock pattern I hope to have available shortly, still working on publishing to the web.

I wrote two exams this week and am finished until the 8th of January - so looking forward to a whole lot of nothing - well, family, friends and knitting of course....


Love the scarf, and congrats on the yarn! You deserve your time off, enjoy yourself, you have worked hard!
smariek said…
That's way cool!!! Congrats!

Your scarf is lovely too. Aren't cables fun?

Enjoy your time off.... :-)
Tola said…
can you tell me how you get text along the side of your photos? id love to learn that lil trick. love your knitting too!!

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