01 January 2007

Happy New Year!

Wow! Where to start? It seems like forever since I read, commented or wrote on any blogs. I hope all of you had a wonderful holiday and got lots of knitting done or gifted. I am still on holiday and it's been great to get a few little projects, KAL's, and requests wrapped up.

Although I still have a sewing room crammed to the rafters with yarn, I will not be making any resolutions about not buying yarn, or only working on WIP's. I know myself too well. I will make a concerted effort to get back to my formerly athletic self - note to inner toddler - this is not a resolution.

I can show you a picture of my wonderful Christmas present, a Namaste bag from Scout, my custom dyed skein is shown with it, this for a new pattern I'm working out on paper. Two of my sock clubs delivered within a day or two of Christmas day and both are so beautiful! One club is ending in a few months, so I've signed on for the "Rockin' Sock Club 2007". Last year's version had some fabulous patterns and yarns - I'm really excited to see what this year brings.

I managed to finish up some of the items I blogged about before Christmas, but ran out of yarn for one of them - more is on the way, thankfully. It was an "Indie" yarn and I was worried it couldn't be duplicated, but the wonderful gals at RubySapphire have come through :).

The photo above is the first FO of 2007 - cabled muffatees for DD. She liked the yarn I was using for a (still) secrect project and I made these to her design specifications with the leftovers.

Hmm-m-mm.... What else? Turkey's all gone, yay! I don't think I can look at turkey for another year. Received a white box late last week and am working out a pattern for a sweater (that I may even finish) in Elann Uros Aran - beautiful yarn.

The FO's:

L&V KAL Socks Finished Irish Hiking Scarf Finished

And... here is the first PSPRP Yarn Pr0n for the year:

Petals December December Pick Up Sticks Kit

And now I can be totally stylish when I "KIP"

Merry Christmas To Me

(You can click any of the pictures or linked items for bigger pictures)


msmolina said...

What a gorgeous Namaste and personal colorway Scout set you up with. Lets see what awesome pattern you work up for this little number.

Happy New Year!

Scoutj said...

Woot! :)

Anonymous said...

Getting yourself back to your athletic self means you get to go play outside. Tell THAT to your inner child

Lisa W. said...

looooove your new bag! Have a great 2007 Karin!

jayne said...

That's a skookum bag all right! (local term). I love it!

Happy New Year!

smariek said...

Love your Muffatees mitts, and what a great bag for KIP.

Vamanta said...

Wowza, what cool stuff! I want them.

I say namaste to my yoga teacher but what's the connection to yarn??

Karin said...

Hi J,
Namaste makes the most wonderful knitting bags and glass knitting needles. Here's a link to their site: http://www.namasteneedles.com/ and Scout has a great selection.
Maybe their sentiment is "the divine in knitting meets the divine in you" :).

Anonymous said...

I love those fingerless mitts! So glad I got to see a bigger picture of them. And that Sundara yarn if ON MY LIST!!! Love that stuff! Lucky you to still have time off.

Vamanta said...

You've been tagged, Karin!