WIP Wednesdays

It's been awhile since I've done a WIP Wednesday, mostly 'cause everyday in Karin's house is a WIP day, but I'm trying to keep them a little more current. First up, Swallowtail Shawl to the left. I'm about to begin the first repeat of the second lace pattern. Loving everything about this - the unstashed Baby Cashmere is heaven to knit with, the pattern (once I recovered from a chart reading brain-freeze) easy to follow and a nice re-entry into lace knitting, haven't done it probably since my teens! The pink cake with knitting needles is another KAL sock - making it up as I go.

These are the other two - my commute project and my Poppy (a non-regular reader told me I'm "long-winded", so if you'd like more details just click the pictures)
And from the last post; Jayne asked "do I make the socks for myself?" You betcha! Very few people I know appreciate the work (or cost!) involved, even for the simple pairs. I know, I'm bad!
Lisa, thank you so much for the SWS tips - I'm looking forward to doing "Warrick" for DD's friend now, based on your awesome review! There's a Michael's very close by - hm-m-m, dangerous...
Joan, give me a shout at the addy above right (just under my profile) and we'll talk buttons :).


Anonymous said…
I am diggin' the Argosy a lot! Can't wait to see more-

Lisa W. said…
don't second guess, the poppy stripes are wonderful. I'm also totally into the argosy, can't wait to see it finished. nice lace knitting...are you doing it to spite me (and my lace impaired self)? (just kidding) have a great day...i don't think you are all that long winded (says the woman who uses 10 words instead of 2) My verification word today mr oho :)
Vamanta said…
K, that is so not Baby Cash tapestry blue but it far prettier. I haven't even cast on yet bc the small finished size is hanging me up. I don't like teeny shawls. Had planned on Baby Cash in Oxblood but may opt for a DK or worsted instead. Still debating.

You've made great progress!
Lisa Shobhana said…
wow! your Poppy is stunning! i can't wait to see the finished results.

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