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Light At The End Of The Tunnel

It finally feels like some real progress on Poppy. I wrapped up the fronts and sleeve caps today. Laying it out for the picture really helped me feel like I made the right design decisions.
When working on the individual pieces, I sometimes wondered if the end result was going to look like my initial idea. I think I actually like it :). As it turned out, I didn't need to make any modifications for my yarn - whew! Hopefully, I'll be able to finish seaming tomorrow.

I have another sweater on the needles - no photos yet, but it is such a wonderfully addictive yarn, I keep on picking it up between sections of Poppy. Oh well, I'm not on a deadline for these :). I received a couple beautiful skeins of "All Things Heather" yarn from The Loopy Ewe- and look at the wonderful little notions case - isn't it cute? Hopefully, I can snag a set of the Loopy "sheep" stitchmarkers.

New Pattern Available

Thanks folks for all the nice comments on the muffatees and for the pattern requests. I'm going to need to knit a new hat to fit on my big head! I kept fairly good notes on these, so the pattern is available at PS Pursuits, in the free patterns section.

The inspiration came from Brooke's scarf pattern, seen here. If you need any yarn or colour ideas, take a peek at all the wonderful scarves that other people have knit. You can find the muffatee pattern link over there too.

As always, if you have any questions, leave a comment and if you find errors, please let me know :). If you want to send pictures of your FO's, I would love to see them.

Can It Be? More Knitting?

I know, you're used to me just collecting yarn, but once in a while I have to knit some up to make room for the incoming (or just piling up) stuff :)! This is my Poppy (from Shobhana's Yarnplay). I set it aside to work on some KAL socks, but am back at it. The bodice piece is on top, the sleeves in progress, on the bottom. The yarn I'm using (Elann Peruvian Uros Aran) is quite different from Noro Silk Garden but hopefully, with a few minor tweaks, will look OK. Just got a little something from Scout today - not yarn (yet!) but other fun stuff. My next project pattern, Chicknits "ribby pulli", and Scoutswag exclusive martini sock blockers, if you click the pic, you can see the cute little stitch markers that came with them. I may be the last person to know about the bent-tip chibi needles, but I have some now. I fully expect my sweaters to finish themselves from now on - HA!

Last Nights MIA Knitting Content

Here 'tis. Brooke's Column of Leaves Scarf, all done. I had quite a bit of this yarn so designing some coordinating muffatees was in order. Not quite a match, the lace pattern is large, but the cables on the mitts are pretty close. Details are here and here. I'm counting these blues as part of my Project Spectrum knits too.

I found a half-finished toque under a pile of WIP's yesterday, not sure how it got buried, but I pulled it out and finished it this morning. It's my Irish Hiking Toque, just adapted the IHS pattern. The Cleckheaton was so nice to knit with, silky soft, and I still have more left ! Nice to have the set finished.

It looks cute on, kind of like the Ali McGraw hats that were so huge when I was a kid - actually they are back in style in the crochet world.

The mailman brought me a very nice parcel today. The Pick Up Sticks sock club kit for February :). This one is going to be knit up real soon

C'est tout!

Hog-tied? Blog-tagged? It's All The Same To Me...

I was tagged last week by Bets (who, thankfully, has declared a moritorium on memes for a while. Thank goodness, 'cause I'm just not that interesting!) I kinda forgot about it too, until doing my Sunday blog-surf catch up (read as: procrastinating on finishing Brooke's scarf).

So, here goes. Five never-before revealed, super-interesting things about me. Not.

1. My hair has been turning white since I was fifteen. It's actually easier to be blonde than my true black.

2. I am good at lacrosse and practiced with Guitar Boy when he used to be on a team- go figure, for miss ballerina.

3. I was run down by an SUV three years ago - I will never roll my eyes at someone who says their back hurts again!

4. I LOVE shoes. I have shoes in my closet from the 80's, and I have a particular weakness for cool sneakers and vintage or reproduction shoes. Pumas in four different colours, 6 pairs of Chuck Taylors (of course!), Candies mules from the 80's. Imelda and Carrie have NOTHING on…

Ever Have One of Those Days ...Weeks...

A finished "Argosy" - with enough leftover Kureyon for a "Calorimetry" - I think. And, a finished pair of Gentlemen's Plain Winter Socks, whew! These were definitely a little dull to knit. I was able to use up some rather old stash yarn for these, so that was good. You can click on either of the pictures for details if you'd like :).

It has been kind of a blah week, knitting and otherwise. The end of internship was rather anti-climactic and I was definitely not feeling the knitty love - I know - hard to believe, isn't it? Well, getting these two mini-projects off the needles has helped and I've recovered my "cat loss" on the 2nd conwy sock and my muffatees to match Brooke's scarf. It was good to hear from some of you who have cats with similar lunch preferences!

I did get some nice yarny goodies in the mail this week and that always inspires me to finish what I've started and then dive into the new stuff - nice thought when it work…

Proper Post To Follow...

The webring for Ottawa knitting enthusiasts has been set up (finally!) It isn't the prettiest thing, and I am open to suggestions on HTML. I have the link on this page, in the sidebar, WAY to the bottom with my other webrings and the homepage is at : Canada's Capital Knitters.

Boring post, I know, so here's a Yarn Pr0n picture, Diamond Desire - cashmere and silk - Oh Yeah Baby! (that was for Tracy). Oh, and look in the perfect patriotic shade a n d very Valentines.

I Got Nuthin'...

Gentleman's Plain Winter Sock(ugly sock). Actually, it looks OK on the foot, but it is a rather unusual pattern, and could be death by boredom, were it not for this self-patterning yarn I found buried in the stash. I've actually started the leg since this photo was taken. (knitting ferociously during Thursday night's episode of CSI - Grissom is back!!)

Everything else has fallen victim to the knitters' curse - for every week of extrordinarily productive knitting thou hast - there shall be dropped stitches and forgotten yo's in abundance for two weeks. Oh, and a cat shall eateth not one, not two, but four of your projects and barf them back out forthwith, leaving thou with an aversion to touching said projects.

Y'all have been hit by that curse right? No? I can send you the cat so you can see if it follows her. I can hear you all saying, "Oh no, she dit-int!" Oh yes. She did.

I started this "Brooke's Column of Leaves" scarf, out of some real…

Swallowtail Shawl And Other Project Progress

Very first thing - thank you to all the wonderful people who left comments on my last post, your support and encouragement are so appreciated. you all keep me inspired!

Here it is, blocked and ready to go to its new owner, my Nanny C. I love everything about this, even the blocking, which I hadn't done before, wasn't as arduous as I thought. If you'd like, click the picture for the yarn / needle details. (I have a 2nd photo here).

I am making progress on a few KAL socks, "Dalarna" for Knitting on the Road KAL, "Snicket" (my re-written version) for the Fall Cable KAL, some pictures below. Detail of "Dalarna" is here.

The "Green Sock" and "Plain Winter" and "Miss Violet's Pink Ribbon" are coming along too, but not enough to put up a picture yet :) !

Poor Argosy scarf took a backseat this week, as I tried valiantly to get all these sock-alongs under control - ha!

I seem to have acquired a fantastical amount of yarn r…

An Amazing (Knitting) Day!

Today has been just wonderful! I was lucky enough to be selected a winner in the Elann November / December design challenge for scarves.

This is the first contest I've entered and I was very nervous, some of today's winners have won previous contests and have had their patterns published in national knitting magazines. It's a very talented group (the gals that I know) who enter these contests, I was actually very humbled to be chosen as a finalist. Being part of this talented group means the world to me.

Nefertiti Scarf was my entry (be kind Jessica!) I love cable work, the colour was mostly for fun - and to keep with the theme. It is relatively easy to do, if you have some experience with cables and colour-work. The pattern will be available on the Elann website on February 23rd.

Despite the nervousness (really, you're kind of putting yourself OUT there), I enjoyed the challenge. It was fun coming up with a concept and putting it together into a pattern. Thank you to the…