An Amazing (Knitting) Day!

Today has been just wonderful! I was lucky enough to be selected a winner in the Elann November / December design challenge for scarves.

This is the first contest I've entered and I was very nervous, some of today's winners have won previous contests and have had their patterns published in national knitting magazines. It's a very talented group (the gals that I know) who enter these contests, I was actually very humbled to be chosen as a finalist. Being part of this talented group means the world to me.

Nefertiti Scarf was my entry (be kind Jessica!) I love cable work, the colour was mostly for fun - and to keep with the theme. It is relatively easy to do, if you have some experience with cables and colour-work. The pattern will be available on the Elann website on February 23rd.

Despite the nervousness (really, you're kind of putting yourself OUT there), I enjoyed the challenge. It was fun coming up with a concept and putting it together into a pattern. Thank you to the "Elann gang" for all the kind comments back at "our" watercooler.


Joan said…
Yay Karin! I hadn't realized it was you (did they spell your name wrong maybe?) but I am so very happy for you. Your scarf is amazing & I will be knitting it for sure. Don't sell yourself short, you deserve to be in the group you are in!
junior_goddess said…
I wasn't sure it was YOU! I like your scarf----I secretly christened it the scarab scarf, and I hope you don't mind! So COOOL that you picked up the design cred, because you ALWAYS put yourself out there.

So excited to be up on the Team Elann podium with you!

Marisol said…
Beautiful Scarf! Hey you are on a roll here! You awesome designer you!!!

Congratulations - Way to go Karin!
Suzann said…
I didn't realize it was you either. What a creative scarf. Love the cables and the color work.
All the scarves are so different, and unique. Just like their creators
pippi said…
How awesome is that?
I really think it is BEAUTIFUL!
& I'll be looking forward to the 23rd!

Scoutj said…
How awesome is that!?!?
Connie said…
Congratulations Karin - the scarf is amazing! Wow!
I KNEW it was you! It's a lovely scarf, and I can't wait for the pattern. Congratulations!
Lisa W. said…
I knew it was YOU too! ha! great original..unique...stylish...all that. Congratulations!
Grace Yaskovic said…
COngratulations! I am so excited for you and your win!! Your other projects are very beautiful too!!! Go Team Elann
Knitting Bandit said…
So cool! A publishd designer. the scarf looks like fun. I'll be sure to check it out! Congrats!
Michelle said…
Great scarf! I'll be watching for the pattern.
smariek said…
Congrats!! Very nice scarf. I love how you added splashes of color here and there.

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