Proper Post To Follow...

The webring for Ottawa knitting enthusiasts has been set up (finally!) It isn't the prettiest thing, and I am open to suggestions on HTML. I have the link on this page, in the sidebar, WAY to the bottom with my other webrings and the homepage is at : Canada's Capital Knitters.

Boring post, I know, so here's a Yarn Pr0n picture, Diamond Desire - cashmere and silk - Oh Yeah Baby! (that was for Tracy). Oh, and look in the perfect patriotic shade a n d very Valentines.


jayne said…
Yum! I did not buy the Diamond Desire, but lucky you with a big bag of it. Mmmmmm...Did you get any of the Kashmir Aran?
Karin said…
I didn't cave on the KA - it was tough though :)! I had really hoped to get more of the Desire, there was a gorgeous brown and blue, and I would have loved to have those sitting in the queue, hope it will come round again.

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