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Not So Much A Post...

... As thoughts on a thread that has been running through several of the blogs that I've read the last few weeks. Stephanie, Wendy, Cara and Kimberly have all recently done posts about comments. I started blogging about a year ago (I guess I should go and check - do an anniversary post, or something). I started in spite of being a very shy person, because in my short exposure to the knit blog world, I could see the cameraderie and caring about a common interest that I can't share with my friends and family. I started off very cautiously - I wanted this to be only about the craft, not about me and to have a permanent journal of my projects, something that is very handy. I've pretty much stuck with that. With a small core of readers who I "know", I've become more open to posting family pictures, personal opinions and stuff, it still takes some getting used to, to be so out there. I do really love when people comment, I think all bloggers do and I try to get ar…

Random Update

I am still slogging away at some socks for Socktopia, but I'm afraid my "Spring Fling" may have been flung! I did want to post these updates to my patterns before I forget (again!) Mad-tini and Mad-tini with a twist (fingering weight, more challenging patterning) are available at "Other Crafty Pursuits" on the sidebar.
Both are set up as immediate downloads, so you can start knitting right away :). And... Team Koigu won the knit-off!! Yay - go team. The most completed pairs as of yesterday evening. This was really fun, and despite the aching hands, I think I'll do it again!

I Am A Crazy Woman

Or, how I spent my entire weekend. Here they are my finished "Knit-off" socks for Socktopia. (more details if you click the picture). The pattern was released to the 2 teams yesterday at 12:30pm EDT, and I have done nothing but knit since! Off to get some Advil and some zzz's...

Spring Is In The Air!

Not a lot of knitting this week - work and flu, the usual saboteurs of knitting... There are "Things That Make Me Happy" though! Sock Madness round 2 kicked off Thursday, with my pattern for the challenge. Many have already finished their socks and move on to the next round, and I have been amazed at the variations that the creative competitors have come up with. As my own knitting was pretty spotty this week, piccy is of my socks, "Mad-tini". Each name had to have the word mad in it and these are knit in Yarntini's fabulous wool. I am going to be brave and participate in a knit-off for Socktopia today - hah! Between cold meds and inhalers, I should be in fine form :)! I had one of those medicated moments already this week, while checking up on the "Shut Up & Knit Your Cabin Cove" KAL that I am in. Well sort of in. I bookmarked the January entry - the kick off post, instead of the homepage post. So, never seeing any updates for a few weeks, I assum…

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

There's been a little knitting this week at Chez Karin, I fit it in between that time-destroyer called "Work" :). I finally wrestled the camera away from DD long enough to take some progress photos of my Elsbeth Lavold sweater.

And a detail of the lace sleeves. The stand collar is worked in the same lace pattern. The colour is a little more wine / burgundy than in the picture.

I finally have something to show for my MVPR knitalong. This sock just didn't want to be knit! There is something to be said for listening to what the yarn wants to be, even if said yarn has been frogged and reknit a few times :). And I've started on my "Spring Fling" theme sock for Socktopia, hopefully I'll get it done before March is over.

Wow! The first round of Sock Madnessclosed yesterday and it was pretty intense! There is a Flikr group where you can check out all the competitors and what they're working on. The next round will be Duelling Dpns at Dawn, as the knitters…

Happy Birthday!

My "baby" is sixteen today...
From Oshkosh and curls to ice-fishing and cards with Dad - where did the time go? And... Because this is a knitting blog (but sometimes a bragging Mum blog) here is a little Yarn Pr0n to distract you from the lack of knitting content. I've just started a new job today after all my educatin', and it is cutting into my knitting Big Time already!

Jaggerspun "Zephyr" (I've gone lace-mad) and two skeins of merino sock yarn from Fearless Fibres - dig the awesome button :)!

Heartfelt Thank You!

Wow! I am overwhelmed by all the kind words, you guys are terrific! I loved making this sweater and hearing from all of you is so encouraging and inspiring, I'm almost speechless, thanks so much. There were a few questions, and I'll answer them here (I can't email back directly from Blogger, but always feel free to leave a contact, if you wish).
I had a question about the granite relief stitch. It is basically a double-size garter stitch that you make over four rows. It has a very slight eyelet effect after blocking, a neat stitch. And the sleeves were knit flat, I found the striping easier that way :)

A very small FO makes it's appearance today: The Daiquiri Sock, finished at last. This is for The Green Sock knitalong, Socktopia March and SAM3.

I wouldn't have thought of myself as particularly lucky, but just recently, I was the 1000th comment over at Zarzuela Knits and Crochets, and she sent me a prize - two skeins of Cascade Fixation :) Jessica is also the host of…

And...I'm Spent! (Model Pictures Added - You've Been Warned!)

Oh Poppy, how I love thee (now that you're finished)!

This is the interim shot until DD comes home tonight, and then we'll put up an "Action Shot". Here is a photo of the back, for now.

"Poppy" pattern from the Yarnplay book by Lisa Shobhana Mason. I knit this is Elann'sPeruvian Uros Aran (50% wool, 50% llama, say it with me "ugly llama face"), in three colours: Silver Sage, Palm and Peridot (which is much more green than the photo shows). I used Addi & Aero circulars.

I used random striping (which is way outside my somewhat regimented, symmetrical sensibilities) and knitted in texture with garter and granite relief stitches, to mimic the texture of the Noro Silk Garden, used in the original. Only a few modifications, I used the maximum amount of stitches for the lower bodice to get some added length, I used a provisional cast on and joined my stitches, then placed the seam at the side. I also used short rows and a three-needle cast off for …

Things That Make Me Happier

Thank you for the lovely comments about the Snicket socks - the yarn (Vesper) was a dream to knit with and I liked the cabled smocking. I missed some comments that were a bit further down on the posts, just wanted to answer about the Spritely Yarn. It is wonderful! Very fine, lightly twisted and the yardage is great - 560y / skein. Just wanted to say hi to some of the folks that have stopped by to comment - It's always fun to hear from new knitters and find new blogs that inspire :).

Friday, I made DH happy by turning 1 ton of that decorative white stuff into a useable front walk and driveway! And here, along with a cup of tea, is the perfect antidote to all that cold, blowy whiteness:

The Petals Collection by Sundara Yarn for February.

And, if you haven't already seen / heard about it, there is a new knitalong starting up this month - next Saturday actually.

What makes me VERY happy about this ? I just got word that I'm one of the designers! Yup, submissions way back in Novem…

Things That Make Me Happy

These socks. Off my needles! Last project for the Fall Cable KAL, my version of "Snicket" from Magknits. You can click the picture for details, if you'd like.

For the Happy Along, I wish I could tell you all the things I did to make other people happy, but this week, it was all about me.

I got a whack of knitting done on Poppy - not finished today due to headache yesterday (happy it wasn't a migraine).

I got the preliminary final marks back for my course and my GPA was 3.86 - not bad for an old fart.

The cardinals are singing their little hearts out in my backyard - I think it's one of the happiest sounds on earth.

My scarf pattern published at Elann last Friday :)!

I am making a sweater - just because. It's the luscious yarnI mentioned previously and not for a KAL, a no-pressure project.

And I have happily embraced my own knitting insanity, well, part of it.

This is my sock WIP, uhm-m-m, all twelve pairs (I did rip out a pair a couple days ago). This is only the s…