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... As thoughts on a thread that has been running through several of the blogs that I've read the last few weeks. Stephanie, Wendy, Cara and Kimberly have all recently done posts about comments. I started blogging about a year ago (I guess I should go and check - do an anniversary post, or something). I started in spite of being a very shy person, because in my short exposure to the knit blog world, I could see the cameraderie and caring about a common interest that I can't share with my friends and family. I started off very cautiously - I wanted this to be only about the craft, not about me and to have a permanent journal of my projects, something that is very handy. I've pretty much stuck with that. With a small core of readers who I "know", I've become more open to posting family pictures, personal opinions and stuff, it still takes some getting used to, to be so out there. I do really love when people comment, I think all bloggers do and I try to get around and encourage and laugh with as many fellow bloggers as I can,
it's fun. Sometimes, it can feel a bit like a popularity contest, and I'm sure some people get turned off by certain blogs and chat sites for that reason, and sometimes, as in Stephanie's case, people seem to feel that, because they aren't seen, they can say whatever they wish, with impunity. I rarely comment on some of the most popular blogs, mostly because I think it'll get lost but I love to read them, and I don't feel excluded by the regular commenters. I do like to comment on "small" blogs, and being one of the "smalls", I appreciate when someone takes the time for me. I just like to know I'm not boring :)! It's too bad there isn't an etiquette book for bloggers, lurkers and such. (For instance, I'm still not sure if I should answer each and every comment, and where would I do that, on each post)? I'm quite sure though, that twitting people on their spelling, choice of yarn or post subjects is not appropriate, and we all have freedom of choice, right? If you don't like the content, don't read it. If you do, maybe consider giving some positive feedback. That encouragement and caring is what drew me here, I hope it's always the prevailing theme for bloggers and readers alike.

On a cheerier note...Yarn Pr0n! My March Pick Up Sticks kit arrived this week, and look at the yarn! Yarn Pirate - so scrummy! I have enough YP to qualify as a Yarn 'Ho ;).
Far left - I love The Loopy Ewe. Look at this adorable project tote and Opal skein and yes, those are chocolates.
And I had to have more Natural Dye Studio merino/alpaca, it is such lovely stuff. But, Canada Post destroyed the packet and it showed up at my door minus a skein of the pale strawberry!! (Oh, which is now sold out) You have to work pretty hard to pull a skein of yarn out of a 10cm slit in a bubble plastic envelope and of course, there's no recompense. Canada Post, you suck!


benne said…
Karen, I love those Natural Dye yarns. So, some jerk now has your pale strawberry yarn??? A pox on their house!

I don't understand why people act differently on the net than they would in person. Weird. It takes a lot of courage to be so "out there." I read the more wellknown blogs but I never comment. I think I'm a little intimidated by so many comments. I really like reading blogs of people I feel I "know" a little. Especially when there's great yarn p0rn. ;-}
Cookie said…
What is wrong with the Canadian Post?! First no mail on Saturday and now this! Weasels!

I don't read any of the blogs you referred to, so I'm not totally sure what's going. However, I will say that if you open yourself up and try to use people to serve your own purposes, you should not be surprised when people call you on it.
I also think that not everyone who is knit blogging or commenting to knit blogs is all that experienced with the 'net and what is and is not okay. Hotlinking, stealing content and rudeness in comments are all common. Sometimes because people are new and just don't know and sometimes because, frankly, some people were raised by wolves.
Offering yourself and your work up to anyone and everyone is going to bring you a mixed bag. I think all we can do is encourage the good ones and ignore the bad. They'll wander off soon enough. They always do.

Man, can I yammer or what? *L*

Scoutj said…
Wait. You're shy?!?!?
jayne said…
Hole in package?

Missing yarn???

I'd be hopping mad.

You're not boring, and you have wonderful eye candy. I come to drool over your yarny packets.
Leanne said…
I too have one of the "small" blogs, and I really don't think I'd want my blog to get too popular. I'm afraid it would start feeling like a job then! But I am happy that I have some readers, and I love getting comments. I try to comment regularly, especially on the small blogs (and only on the "large" blogs when something really moves me", but I read so many now, that I don't always have the time to comment.

As for responding, I don't always respond to comments, but I know people vary on that. If I'm asked a question, I always respond. If someone asks me a question about one of my (very few) patterns, I will respond both personally and with a follow-up comment in case others have the same question. If someone pays me a really nice compliment, I will usually respond and thank them. In other cases, I play it by ear.

Of course, it's much easier to respond on Wordpress, as you need to leave an email address to leave a comment. It's more of a pain with Blogger where you only get an address if someone has a Blogger username. I know some people use Haloscan for comments with a Blogger blog to avoid this problem.

I'm glad I discovered your blog - you certainly do have some lovely harn pr0n. And here I thought I knew all of the Ottawa knitblogs. I wonder how many others are out there that I don't know about - already I have 25 on my list!
Kim said…
I'm with Jayne - I would be so mad if my yarn disappeared from the package. The yarn is gorgeous too!
I doubt very much that you are boring, Karin. You don't have to have flashing lights and a million readers to have a first rate blog. I enjoy visiting you here, looking at your pics, and seeing your finished projects. I really aspire to your sock knitting talent.
Lu said…
If I hadn't know better I would have thought your post came from my keyboard. I just recently started blogging for the same reasons you started - mostly a record of what I am doing, what I have done and a place to bookmark projects I see and like for future consideration.
I have been reading knitting blogs for a few years and am amazed at the talented people in our community - and it wows me even more when they can also entertain us with their words.

I just discovered your blog yesterday and instantly put it among my favorites. Please don't let the negativity of others ruin your enjoyable blog.

I am putting myself out there for the first time with a link to my blog - a scarey thought ....
CatBookMom said…
The yarns are lovely, the project bag from The Loopy Ewe is too adorable, and I'd be yelling down the phone lines at my local postmaster if some of my yarn vanished!! Or doing it in person..

About the commenting: There was a long article in yesterday's LA Times about a blogger, a website techie, who has been physically threatened and subjected to many virulent comments and links to nasty posts elsewhere. She has now closed her blog and withdrawn from an appearance at an industry conference. I was shocked to know that such ugliness would spread to a technical blogger.

I'm sure that Stephanie and Wendy and some of the other most-popular bloggers get nasty and rude posts, though I'm sad to know knitters would do such things. Some of the rudeness is insular - like the commenter who ridiculed Stephanie's Canadian spellings. How could anyone read YH for any length of time and not realize that she's a Canuck, and things are not the same up north??

And even some of the knit bloggers I read provide Too Much Information (TMI). I try to avoid that, but I find it really helps me to muse about some of the important things in my life and to get feedback from my friends online. But sometimes I write a post and never publish it or save it as a Word document, just because it becomes too personal.

Nastiness and evil are everywhere, and they seem to have really spread via the Internet. Doesn't mean I'm not going to get what fun I can from my corner of the Web. But we all need to take precautions. Says she as she tries to figure out the verification word....
Kelly said…
I agree on a lot of your musings about comments. I don't tend to comment on the bigger blogs much, because I often feel that I'd be repeating what's already been said by the 200 people who got there ahead of me. I tend to respond to many of my comments by simply adding comments on my own blog, or occasionally linking to the person's blog and leaving them a note in their own comments. When I get busy, I sometimes don't have time, and feel guilty about it. I don't think there are any real standards, but I try to abide by the old adage, if you don't have anything nice to say...
Pat said…
Ooooo that Pick up Sticks sock kit looks like a good one!
Beginning where you said - "I started off very cautiously...." it could have been me writing the post - you expressed it well!
I love visiting your blog!!
LibbyKnitKins said…

I like the comments too and try to comment on others' blogs.

Kimberly said…
Hi sweetie! Great post. It hard to figure out what's right and what's not in the blogworld. I found out the hard way, as you may have read in my post. Email me if you want to hear more. :-)
I think answering comments is a very hard thing to find time to do but I still manage it sometimes. It's all up to you and how much you're willing to do.
You are by no means boring-I love coming over here to visit when I get the time. Keep it up! :-)
SheepsPyjamas said…
Ooh, I'd be steaming -- don't mess with my sock yarn!

I, too, tend to stick with the smaller blogs for comments -- I discovered yours through Sock Madness, and I'm quite glad to have discovered -- you're not a boring read, not at all... And as for me, I don't think I could cope with anything but one of the smaller blogs...
Zarzuela said…
I'm with you and I also think, to each their own. I try to answer all my comments because I think it is a conversation and I would certainly respond in some way if I was talking to someone face to face. But that's just me.

I would be so mad about that lost yarn. Are you sure the mail dude isn't a knitter? ;)

Nicki said…
Nice musings on blogging - I prefer the "little" ones and gettting to share folk's daily achievements and life landmarks. Great blog, nice writing and some lovely knitting. Keep em up!

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