Random Update

I am still slogging away at some socks for Socktopia, but I'm afraid my "Spring Fling" may have been flung!
I did want to post these updates to my patterns before I forget (again!)
Mad-tini and Mad-tini with a twist (fingering weight, more challenging patterning) are available at "Other Crafty Pursuits" on the sidebar.

Both are set up as immediate downloads, so you can start knitting right away :).
And... Team Koigu won the knit-off!! Yay - go team. The most completed pairs as of yesterday evening. This was really fun, and despite the aching hands, I think I'll do it again!


benne said…
Karin, I have to come clean with you. I have intense sockknitter envy. I see the beautiful socks that you, Cate and Suzann knit, and the flames of envy just lick around my ankles. But please, don't stop showing us these beauties. I love looking at them, envy and all. ;-}
Lisa W. said…
Karin where didja find those nifty wooden sockblockers with the sheepy cutouts? I'm thinkin ahead for the holidays!
jayne said…
Great socks! You still astonish me with the amount of -alongs and -topias you're involved in.
Karin said…
Thanks guys! Benne, I bet if I saw some of your knitting, I's be thinking the same :). Lisa, those are from Loopy Ewe, they are awesome and if you visit, tell Sheri I sent you - we could corner the market on her northermost customers :)! Jayne, me too! My eyes are always bigger than my tummy for that stuff :).

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