Spring Is In The Air!

Not a lot of knitting this week - work and flu, the usual saboteurs of knitting... There are "Things That Make Me Happy" though! Sock Madness round 2 kicked off Thursday, with my pattern for the challenge. Many have already finished their socks and move on to the next round, and I have been amazed at the variations that the creative competitors have come up with. As my own knitting was pretty spotty this week, piccy is of my socks, "Mad-tini". Each name had to have the word mad in it and these are knit in Yarntini's fabulous wool.
I am going to be brave and participate in a knit-off for Socktopia today - hah! Between cold meds and inhalers, I should be in fine form :)! I had one of those medicated moments already this week, while checking up on the "Shut Up & Knit Your Cabin Cove" KAL that I am in. Well sort of in. I bookmarked the January entry - the kick off post, instead of the homepage post. So, never seeing any updates for a few weeks, I assumed it was a quieter KAL - there are those - but finally, randomly hit the "main" button and voila! People are posting and knitting, imagine that. Did I feel stupid or what? Not to mention, I've totally slacked on my Cabin Cove socks. Oh well... Lot's of blog housekeeping and tidying to do today - before Socktopia. Hopefully there will be some gallery and pattern updates before the end of the weekend. For you shawl and lace knitters, Joan has started a KAL for the Moonlight Sonata Shawl by Shui Kuen Kozinski. The pattern is absolutely lovely and free at Elann (no affiliation). So if you're looking for a new project, go and check it out.


Pat said…
I'm not in "Sock Madness", but I sure do like your sock, Karin - nice design and I love the cuff ribbing!
Cookie said…
I like those socks!

No pressure about the Dave Along. We're still an open ended Along at this point.

I hope you start to feel better soon!
Zarzuela said…
Sorry to hear you've been under the weather. Hope it goes away soon! Love your sock pattern too! Very cool. :)

laurie in maine said…
I finished your sock pattern and get to move on to the next round! THANKS for a great pattern :)

Will try it again -when there's no clock ticking- with a solid or flecked color to show of the spirals. I don't think I've ever PSSO'd past 2 stitches before. I only learned (the right way) how to YO (to make holes on purpose!) last summer for Amazing Lace.

Love the rib of your pattern ... even if it caused a panic until I found out what WRN means! Finally figured out what it reminded me of; looks like Tunisian Crochet - or afghan stitch.
Wonder how a few spiraling beads around the cuff might look with a thinner/ solid yarn. Maybe up a needle size since I knit a little snug... :)

Feel better soon...
KnittyOtter said…
I love those socks! I saw Vickie's @ Yarnatic in person this evening. It's such a cool pattern. :D
Kellie said…
another SM competitor here, just dropping in to say how much I loved your pattern and the socks I made from it! looking forward to using it again soon. Thanks!
I love your pattern. I have been watching Sock Madness from the sidelines. Is it possible for non-participants to get copies of the Sock Madness Patterns? I would love to try it out, after seeing all the lovely ones from the competition.
Karin said…
Hello All! I'm back to normal - hands unkinked and wanted to say thanks for all the comments on my socks. Momma Monkey did an awesome job on this pattern :).
Thank you so much Sock Madness gals - I only had to do this once! Diana, the patterns are only available to the participants, but the Designers may be offering them once they have been released. Mine is available by clicking the "Inuksuk Socks" button on the sidebar :).

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