A VERY Happy Ending...

An update to the "missing" skein saga. Look what the postman left me yesterday... two skeins of Natural Dye Studio alpaca / merino! I had thought I would have a chance to purchase these - but Amanda of NDS sent them out to me free of charge. (and it was not her fault at all that the first skein went missing). I am so pleased and impressed with her outstanding customer service. So here's another "plug", Natural Dye Studio. You want this yarn - it's heaven to knit with, and just a little heavier than fingering, makes for a cushy, quick knit. Thank you, Amanda!


Kim said…
Wow! That was very sweet of her.
Paula said…
Great Blog Karin. I have been trying to contact you to no avail, all emails have been bounced back, could you contact on theknittingconnection@hotmail.co.uk
Thanks so much.
junior_goddess said…
nice. you have good yarnkarma.

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