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Tags and Memes and Yarn Pr0n - Oh My!

No new knitting just yet - I'm still working on my "Waving Lace"socks for the Evelyn Clark knitalong, and the two other lacey pairs. Looks like I won't get things done for May - bad "Alonger" that I am.
Here's one of the distractions - my May Pick Up Sticks kit arrived today. This one is really pretty, the yarn included this time is Seacoast.
And I have been tagged by Kimberly. Gulp! So, I'll be brave and put this up. I've seen a few of these on the blogs and I'm afraid I'm not nearly as interesting as some of you out there. I'll apologize in advance for that and also to my victims - you can always get even :)!
Here is how it works: Each player starts with 7 random facts/habits about themselves. People who are tagged need to write their own blog with their 7 things as well as these rules. You need to tag 7 others and list their names on your blog. Remember to leave a comment for them letting them know they have been tagged and to read y…

Look Ma! More Socks!

For Socktopia's May theme, "Yikes Stripes!" - just off the needles. Love this pattern - "Carolina" by Momma Monkey and Twisted's yummy merino / bamboo. They were done mostly on breaks at work, but were fairly fast regardless - on those honkin' big 2.75's! DH just walked by, looked at photo and proclaimed I had made a terrible error - I knitted my socks together! Gotta love a funny guy :).
Hi Lu :). You asked if I knit continental, and I don't. I'd love to learn, as I've heard it's very fast, and if I could learn it instantly, as I learned English throw as a child and can't imagine investing all that knitting time in learning a completely different technique. I can knock off a pair of socks in a day - but it isn't pretty and no housework gets done. Three or four days, here and there is a comfortable speed for me :).
I badly need to knit some of the masses of yarn I've acquired in the last year, so pulled out some Hand Maide…

Did You Miss Me?!

I wouldn't normally post again so soon, but I had some pictures and was doing a little bit of "Blog Housekeeping" with all the galleries and whatnot, so here I am :).

Top photo is my progress on my most recent club yarn from the Pick Up Sticks sock club. The yarn is a Zen Yarn Gardenclub exclusive - the merino / nylon blend, but I bet you could find something close to it. Roxanne is a whiz with colours (please bring
back "Yukon Dew", mm-m-m-m, and how about "Northwest Territories Spring" for a new colourway? Hint hint :).)

Bottom photo is my progress on my "Alhambra" sock using Spritely Good's "Fairy Duster". I've had this yarn for awhile, but was almost afraid to knit it - it is so beautiful!

Housekeeping included an update to the 2006 Finished Gallery and fixing up the home page of Other Fibrey Interests, hoping it's easier to navigate now. Some new knitalongs are on my sidebar and some have been "retired", now…

It's A Long Weekend - More Knitting Time!

It seems like I haven't finished anything in a long while, but here's one done at last. For the Socktopia April theme of "Orange You Glad I Didn't Say Banana?"

These were knit up in Scout's Swag"Fruit Salad", a simple wrn cable (yarn over cable). I'm making some excellent progress on my Zen sock, and another somewhat lacey one in Spritely
Goods Fey fingering - forgot to take a picture, though!

I think the pink and green in these will qualify for a Project SpectrumFO, as well :).

I finished my "Monkey Socks" a few weeks ago, but haven't been the most inspired with my blogging, so while I'm feeling chipper, pithy and all that, here is a picture of the finished pair.

I know I've already raved about the Zen Stringyarn (this was a club colour) but I have to again. The "Bambewe" is so heavenly to knit with, great stitch definition, glowy sheen. I have a chocolate cherry colour on the way, and I can't wait for it to get…

OOps! Forgot My Post Title...

Started work on my April Pick-Up-Sticksclub sock. I opted to go with a different pattern, really liking how this is going so far.

No picture, but I'm to the gusset of my "Orange You Glad..." socks and have started another semi-lacy pair in some beautiful Spritely Goods Fey in one of the limited colourways - should have a picture soon.

My April Zen StringClub arrived a couple days ago and is beautiful (picture below).

Can't wait to start something with this - it's 100% merino with a nice tight twist, my favourite :).

And I couldn't resist some new colours in Zen Yarn Gardenand Spritely Goods(limited edition SG), just 'cause a girl can never have too much stash!