Look Ma! More Socks!

For Socktopia's May theme, "Yikes Stripes!" - just off the needles. Love this pattern - "Carolina" by Momma Monkey and Twisted's yummy merino / bamboo. They were done mostly on breaks at work, but were fairly fast regardless - on those honkin' big 2.75's! DH just walked by, looked at photo and proclaimed I had made a terrible error - I knitted my socks together! Gotta love a funny guy :).

Hi Lu :). You asked if I knit continental, and I don't. I'd love to learn, as I've heard it's very fast, and if I could learn it instantly, as I learned English throw as a child and can't imagine investing all that knitting time in learning a completely different technique. I can knock off a pair of socks in a day - but it isn't pretty and no housework gets done. Three or four days, here and there is a comfortable speed for me :).

I badly need to knit some of the masses of yarn I've acquired in the last year, so pulled out some Hand Maiden that I purchased at Lettuce Knit in Toronto last summer. Started a summer tee this morning and here's where it's at now:

That's a skein of "Silk Maiden" on top, and two skeins of "Lady Godiva" below. I could just knit scarves with this for the sheer pleasure of how it feels in the hands.
Likely, this project is now jinxed. Every time I blog a non-sock item, it seems to wind up in the "Endless WIP's of Doom" pile!
But I do knit other stuff! Really :)!
Hope your upcoming week goes well, TTYL


Kimberly said…
I don't knit that fast either and I've tried knitting continental but it was just too awkward. Why break something that works fine?
You've been tagged-check out my blog to see. :)
pat said…
So is that now 6 pair for May??? Isn't it fun to work on big needle socks once in awhile? Almost feels like your cheating!! I like your new socks a lot...I just went to "Twisted" Etsy sight - no merino/bamboo left, but she's updating in June - You sure do find some nice yarns!!
Joan said…
I knit both continental and english, depending on the pattern. Straight knitting is continental for sure. Ribbing or lace is english. But I purl english tho' I can purl continental but the movement is awkward for me and I purl really fast english. So I am Bi..LOL.
junior_goddess said…
My FO record for May is dismal. The socks are cute!

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