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I Have A New Love...

I can hardly wait to get home to work on this - the yarn is so nice to work with - I could be knitting potholders, it wouldn't matter :). My "Sunshine Tank", I hope there'll be a few more really warm days to enjoy this in.

No socks. Gentleman's Shooting might be done by the weekend, but I've only worked on it during my commute - and sometimes the "cheek by jowl" seating doesn't lend itself to KIP.

I'm a little disenchanted with socks, sock KAL's and sock clubs lately. They've been feeling more like a stress than fun, and my own designing and "real" knitting falls behind as the KAL guilt mounts. Some of the clubs haven't lived up to the hype, some of the KAL's are just not fun - I sometimes feel like I'm just talking to myself, and some are just too large and regimented to give me that warm, encouraging S'nB feel that I want. I am going to try to put aside that "rule-follower" part of my personality …

Back In The Saddle (Swing? Loop?...)

Thank you for all the good wishes, feeling much better this week and getting a little caught up. Here's two of the too many KAL socks - Gansey done exactly to pattern in Fleece Artist and a very heavily-mod'd Shooting Stocking. I'm patiently waiting on the next installment of the Socktopia "Mystery Sock", so nothing new there

The first of my August sock clubs arrived a couple days ago:

The Autumn installment from Loopy Ewe - the Claudia's yarn is an exclusive for the kit and looks just like the leaves in my backyard will a couple months from now. Lot's of other little goodies too :). Socks That Rock and Zen String clubs should be here soon -

And although I probably won't get anything made with it (this month!) I do have some purple and brown yarn for my favourite Project Spectrum 2.0 triad as well as a little "Booty":


I got nuthin' - not even a shoe picture... A tummy bug has really cut into my knitting mojo. I've been working a little on my two Chevron Scarves, and a stitch here and there on my August socks. I've been reading more - always a chapter or so at night - but I'm halfway through "Whistling in the Dark" by Leslie Kagan and I can hardly put it down. It's been a long time since I've been so totally immersed in a book - the writing style puts you right there, I think I'll go and grab it when I'm finished my computer rounds :).
The Postman was kind this week, my Yarn Botanika arrived and some Twisted as well:

Take care and knit a few rows for me - maybe the yarny goodness above will speed my recovery :)...

Psycho Knitter, Qu'est-ce que c'est?....

Fa, fa, fa, fa, fa, fa, fa, fa, finished objects! (with apologies to my beloved Talking Heads)

Two more down for SOS '07 and my first sock for the Sockamania knitalong (love this one). The green is my first sock from the Favourite Socks book - Anniversry Sock - and it was knit in this month's Pick Up Sticks sock club yarn. The blue is "Spiralling Socks", the spirals mirror each other on the left and right sock. This was done in J. Knits yarn from the Loopy Ewe. Love this yarn - it's very fine and soft and the varigations are perfect (I'm not a fan of "pooley" and "stripey", unless I buy a self-striping).

The second installment of Socktopia's Mystery Sock came out yesterday, I'd just cast on the 2nd cuff - didn't want to stop knitting with the yarn - so I'm anxious to get started on Part two today. And I finally have my Six Sox "I Love Gansey" started - this is coming out better than I expected, the yarn is NOT figh…

Random Post

For the Punk Rock Knitters, the Yarn Pirate wenches and all you other Bohemian knitters.... I just bought this - how could I resist! Brand new at One Planet Yarn and Fiber. Not only do I love this all the time but, Halloween is (almost) bigger than Christmas at my house, as is Punk and all things piratey, it's a good thing :).

Warning - Fugly Sock Is Posted - VAYOR!

View At Your Own Risk - SOS#3 - fugly sock AKA "Fawkes" sock by Momma Monkey at Socktopia and SOS#4 a KB Design in Zen String sock club colour "Lily". (This is also my August sock for SAM4). Number 5 is on the needles, "Party Socks" from Favourite Socks in the July Pick Up Sticks club colour "Green Apple" Shelridge Farm yarn. I joined the Sockamania club and have cast on the August pattern "Spiralling Socks" in yarn from The Loopy Ewe (JKnits "Miami") and am really enjoying this knit - after the fuglies, my eyes need a break!

I have also joined the Chevron Scarf KAL, and have two versions going. One is in Zen String Harmony, the "Chocolate Cherise" and a limited edition pink colourways, the second version is Scout's Swag "Orchids" and Fleece Artist "Moss" - quite possibly my favourite green.

I am trying to break out of this sock-addiction, well, um-m-m... after I wrap up the eleventy-hundred so…