Warning - Fugly Sock Is Posted - VAYOR!

SOS #3 - FawkesSOS #4 - KB Design
View At Your Own Risk - SOS#3 - fugly sock AKA "Fawkes" sock by Momma Monkey at Socktopia and SOS#4 a KB Design in Zen String sock club colour "Lily". (This is also my August sock for SAM4). Number 5 is on the needles, "Party Socks" from Favourite Socks in the July Pick Up Sticks club colour "Green Apple" Shelridge Farm yarn. I joined the Sockamania club and have cast on the August pattern "Spiralling Socks" in yarn from The Loopy Ewe (JKnits "Miami") and am really enjoying this knit - after the fuglies, my eyes need a break!

I have also joined the Chevron Scarf KAL, and have two versions going. One is in Zen String Harmony, the "Chocolate Cherise" and a limited edition pink colourways, the second version is Scout's Swag "Orchids" and Fleece Artist "Moss" - quite possibly my favourite green.

I am trying to break out of this sock-addiction, well, um-m-m... after I wrap up the eleventy-hundred sock KAL's that I'm in. For inspiration though... I bought another kit from One Planet Yarn & Fibre. I am already a fan of Melissa's patterns and this one was too cute to resist, the "Sunshine Tank". I've already downloaded the pattern - just waiting on the yarn - I'm going with the exact yarn specified, right down to the colour. Most of the KAL's I belong to have voted on the August, August / September designs and I went stash diving to find some nice combinations. Here's some of what I came up with:

Vintage Sock KnitalongSix Sox KnitalongSockamania
Here's a picture of the Sunshine Tank:

And last (at last! Must go knit or this will turn into a blather blog) Yarn & Other Pr0n this week included:

YP Booty Club #1ZulugrassYarn Pr0nI did a mini update of my Pre-Blog knits (hard to find & scan all those "old" pictures)! You can see them here if you'd like.

And... I'm spent!! Hasta Tarde


Andrea said…
Hmmmm... It's interesting to see the Firebird knit up. I'm still not sure about purple and orange together and I was considering doing the Fawkes pattern. I love the pattern, but I'm not sure about the colours and the stripiness of the yarn.
pat said…
and which are the fugly socks? I don't see any!! (I like purple and orange)
I love to see all your upcoming plans and new yarns - very inspirational!
Karin said…
Don't do it! This is possibly the ugliest thing I've ever knit - I don't care for orange at all - but I have a niece with a love of Harry Potter and eclectic taste in colours - so I knit it as fast as I could and it's out the door :)!
smariek said…
You've been a busy girl! I like how your SOS#2 turned out. And I'm looking forward to seeing more of your July PUS, such a pretty green.
Monika said…
Wow, you've quite a lot going! I love the chevron scarf, but have yet to make one! ;o)
Giulia M. said…
My vote's in for "not fugly", so it's me, Pat, and your niece. ;)

Your Yarn Pr0n gives me stash envy...

junior_goddess said…
I just bragged on you for being a sock whiz. You should set up a SockSmackdown.

The socks look fine. They are socks, after all. Damned fine ones.
Karin said…
Thank you, all the friends of the fugly sock - I must admit, I really liked the purple bits! I'm not sure what it is with orange and me, I just can't go it - but that leaves lots of orange-y yarns for those who do :)!

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