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So Far This Week...

Socktopia Mystery Sock... revealed!

I made an executive decision to go ahead and finish these. I used a toe that Momma Monkey commonly uses, so hopefully they will be true to the spirit of the pattern. And, I needed the needles.

Sunshine Tank and Chevron Scarf are still on the go - a little more each week. I alternate these for my work commute.

I have started a lovely lace project that I'm doing for an online shop. Here's a peek at the first bit. And I've been working on a new sock pattern for my little shop.

And the first of my September sock clubs arrived this week. Seems like the August ones just got here! Here are Zen String and Pick Up Sticks. Hopefully, the others will arrive soon - the mail seems to have been particularly unreliable lately.

Happy Birthday!

It was twenty years ago today....

DD turns twenty today - feeling a little (wistful, nostalgic, stunned... )

Big party at our house last night, so my day was spent cleaning - not knitting, as is the norm for my Saturdays and then DH and I went out for a date while a horde of Twenty-somethings descended on our house.

A total success! Fun had by all and another Teen passes into the next phase.

And here she is - don't ask me how twenty years flew by so fast - I'm feeling a little vertigo about the whole thing right now!

There was knitting done but not enough that's exciting to show today. (Well, if you really want to see it, here 'tis).

My August Yarn Pirate club package did arrive this week. This one is a beauty with YP's newer BFL fingering in a fab colourway. Hoping my Duets and WoolGirl clubs for September will get here soon - it does sometimes take a while for kits to get across the border and the "Spoilers" are starting to appear - must have will power!

I ha…

Zig Zag Scarf Is Done

Loved everything about this project: yarn is exquisite, quick & easy pattern, one skein and it's NOT socks!

A Little Slow On The Knitting Front

I picked up my most recent One Planet order at the post office yesterday. I couldn't resist casting on the Black Pearl cashmere. I hadn't actually touched anything 100% cashmere before that, and now am wondering why everything I wear couldn't be cashmere :)! I'm knitting a dressy scarf out of the single skein I bought (Polynesian Plum colourway), it'll be just a slight diversion from the other projects patiently waiting.

I did make an effort to complete the foot (Part 4) of my Socktopia "Mystery Sock", this bit was released Friday and I'm hoping to keep up with everyone else. The (old) Sweet Georgia that I'm using is so lovely to work with, a very soft twist. Going back and forth between the two yarns, I really don't feel a vast difference (believe it or not.

I have also been doing a little bit of photography work for the day I am on Ravelry. I'm not sure if I'm shocked, horrified, proud or pleased, but I have a sh**tload of yarn. I'…

Did I Mention I Love To Knit?...

Done at last! Yes, I actually did complete these out of guilt - they were so close to finished, I figured "Just Do It". I used Fearless Fibers sock yarn again. The colour varigations are really complex but still subtle enough to use in the really intricate Nancy Bush patterns - I love it! These are my first socks with Knitpicks new(ish) dpns and they are wonderful! They've sized them in metric - thank you! and they are slick and light. I've already ordered more...

Then it was on to the good stuff...

My "Sunshine Tank" is just past the second set of decreases, there is a little bit of increasing in stockingette and then the lace bodice - hopefully I'll be on to that by this evening. I'm playing with my beautiful Merlin The Cat handspun in a new KB Design sock. I am so in love with this yarn! The pattern is OK too :)! My Scout Swag / Fleece Artist Chevron Scarf (Last Minute Knitted Gifts) is my new commute project and I've managed about 30cm in the…

Ah-h-h... Labour Day Weekend Sunday

And how is your weekend going :)?

Now that DeStash is defunct - I love alliteration - I have been working to photo some of the yarn and knitty stuff I have that is not going to get used here. If you think you can give any of this stuff a new home, feel free to give me a shout. I'll be adding to it - I'm trying to be honest about what I actually will knit - so the link will be living on my sidebar with my Ebay and Cafepress stuff.

So, are we all looking forward to having the kids back at school? I am, the routine is nice to have, with my gang being older, they're always off somewhere during the summer months with friends or working. DD is starting her third semester of Graphic Design and DS will be starting at an alternate high school for grade 10/11 - perhaps a better fit with the alternate universe of a 16-year old boy? Here's hoping :)! I'm looking forward to family suppers and organized activities, for me! And knitting, lot's and lot's of knitting..…