Ah-h-h... Labour Day Weekend Sunday

And how is your weekend going :)?

Now that DeStash is defunct - I love alliteration - I have been working to photo some of the yarn and knitty stuff I have that is not going to get used here. If you think you can give any of this stuff a new home, feel free to give me a shout. I'll be adding to it - I'm trying to be honest about what I actually will knit - so the link will be living on my sidebar with my Ebay and Cafepress stuff.

So, are we all looking forward to having the kids back at school? I am, the routine is nice to have, with my gang being older, they're always off somewhere during the summer months with friends or working. DD is starting her third semester of Graphic Design and DS will be starting at an alternate high school for grade 10/11 - perhaps a better fit with the alternate universe of a 16-year old boy? Here's hoping :)! I'm looking forward to family suppers and organized activities, for me! And knitting, lot's and lot's of knitting....


Joan said…
Love the pic! LOL. ;-p
Scrabblequeen said…
I want to help you de-stash. How can I do this?

I am so with you on this one. My youngest just started grade one so now all I have to do is get myself organized to get the most out of all this knitting time.

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