Did I Mention I Love To Knit?...

Vintage Sock Knitalong Done at last! Yes, I actually did complete these out of guilt - they were so close to finished, I figured "Just Do It". I used Fearless Fibers sock yarn again. The colour varigations are really complex but still subtle enough to use in the really intricate Nancy Bush patterns - I love it! These are my first socks with Knitpicks new(ish) dpns and they are wonderful! They've sized them in metric - thank you! and they are slick and light. I've already ordered more...

Then it was on to the good stuff...

Sunshine Tank & KB Design

Chevron Scarf & Gansey
My "Sunshine Tank" is just past the second set of decreases, there is a little bit of increasing in stockingette and then the lace bodice - hopefully I'll be on to that by this evening. I'm playing with my beautiful Merlin The Cat handspun in a new KB Design sock. I am so in love with this yarn! The pattern is OK too :)! My Scout Swag / Fleece Artist Chevron Scarf (Last Minute Knitted Gifts) is my new commute project and I've managed about 30cm in the last 2 days. Poor Gansey is a bit neglected, but I am OK with that, truly.

I have been feeling the itch to try my hand at what was my favourite craft when I was a teen, wait for it.... Yup! My name is Karin and I crochet. Not in a very long time, but I came across a crochet KAL for the "Pseudo Kimono" and I was a smitten kitten.

Your Fashionable MamaLook Away, Look Away!!
Yes, it's a "not your Mama..." book - don't scoff - I am the Mama, and there are some cute, useful and wearable items in here. You may scoff at my practice yarn - I skulked over to the craft section at Zeller's on my lunch break and picked up something to play with until I get my gauge back. Yes, I am most definitely a yarn snob and only a little ashamed :)...

I was blessed by the yarn faeries this week (aka my postie). It seemed like all my August kits arrived at once and an extra-special packet from Pippi Kneesocks too.

Where To Start?Spruced Vox & Hester
Pippi Chevron

This was my contribution to the "Kick Ass Best Friends" group on Flickr (thanks Scout). Me and my BFF Sue. We met when we were 8 & 9 - and this is us at my wedding - I'm the one in the hat :)! I'll try and post a "Now" picture soon - we haven't changed a bit, ha-ha!



junior_goddess said…
I love the plum/magenta yarn. It's glowing at me.

Good going on your best friend photo! Think I had some from high school!
How nice that you two are still friends! You were a lovely bride.
kimberly said…
Oh that picture is great!! I want to see a now picture.

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