So Far This Week...

The Mystery of the Fuschia Sock Socktopia Mystery Sock... revealed!

I made an executive decision to go ahead and finish these. I used a toe that Momma Monkey commonly uses, so hopefully they will be true to the spirit of the pattern. And, I needed the needles.

Sunshine Tank and Chevron Scarf are still on the go - a little more each week. I alternate these for my work commute.

I have started a lovely lace project that I'm doing for an online shop. Here's a peek at the first bit. And I've been working on a new sock pattern for my little shop.

Vogue PatternsKB Designs
And the first of my September sock clubs arrived this week. Seems like the August ones just got here! Here are Zen String and Pick Up Sticks. Hopefully, the others will arrive soon - the mail seems to have been particularly unreliable lately.

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junior_goddess said…
Pick up sticks-I was gonna abbreviate it, but it spells out PUS- ha

Anyhow, I like the yarn! Very pretty!

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