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Swish Goes The Broomstick...

Meow goes the cat,
"Plop" goes the hoppy toad
Sittin' On her hat

Whee-ee, chuckled I
What fun, what fun
Halloween Night
When the witches run!

Thought I'd post this before we are inundated with little 'uns looking for candy.

My progress on Mr. Greenjeans and how we spend Halloween. There will be big kids dropping 'round as well, and I wish I could get a photo of the dry ice blowing eerily across the lawn, but my ancient camera won't cooperate!

Here's some more (you can click for details, if you'd like):

I'm Workin' On It!

Little by little, they are coming along :).

My do-over on Sockamania's October pattern, "Elegance", is a lot more successful than first try. These will be my only socks for October - wait a minute! - and September. Apparently, my self-induced 12-sock program has worked...

What I'm Up To This Week

A little bit of this 'n that. Lucky Lurkersock club for October - the colours are so pretty, even nicer in person! And Mr. Greenjeans. Owing to the persuasive powers of Connie - she twisted my arm, honestly! I'm working this in Dream In Colour's "Gothic Rose". Elegance socks and Trellis scarf are still on the go and I think I've finished my Ravelry uploading. I'm looking forward to when they expand the "Books" section of the site. I can't believe I've finally got all this stuff organized - amazing!

And The Knit Goes On...

Other than the little bit done on these projects, it's pretty much been all Ravelry, all the time in my house. I continue to be aghast, ashamed, astounded at how much yarn I've socked (ha-ha) away.... and the books too! I find more of everything, including long lost needles and patterns, accessories, gifts with purchases, the family cat - not really :)... I know some people don't want to do their stash tallies for Ravelry, but I'm finding it very useful. I can now open my own online shop and get rid of some of this stuff, 'cause I think I'm already in the Top Ten of "She Who Dies With The Most Yarn Wins"!


Much ado about knitting....
Most of my week has been spent making my Ravelry page somewhat useful and hopefully, attractive. As I suspected, it is a total time-sucker, but what a way to go :)!
It is very useful for keeping track of projects (WIP and finished), stash and books. Although, as I go through my stash for the first time in years, I am appalled at how much yarn I've been able to pile into one very small room.
However, that knowledge didn't stop me from making a small addition to the pile. This little pile of loveliness brought to you by The Loopy Ewe.
Hope all my Canadian friends are enjoying the long Thanksgiving weekend.