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November Roses - ETA FO Picture

I'll have to post a picture later Here 'tis and there is one on Ravelry, if you want to pop over there. My Sockamania November socks are done. These are the "Ripples" pattern. It was fun to work, and would have been quick if I weren't doing other knits. The yarn is Knitting By Zen's "Spicee" from One Planet. I loved how the colours knit up in the pattern - even though I almost never mix a lace with a varigated. Sunray should be finished by tonight, and hopefully blocked on the weekend, and I'm still knitting away at the Vogue Trellis Stole.
I will have some Yarn Pr0n pictures later today. Here they are, the latest Loopy Ewe sock club and...

It kinda felt like Christmas for the last two weeks :) !

Socks? What Socks?

Wow. Who knew that if you don't just knit socks for sock knitalongs, that you can actually start and FINISH other clothing items?!

I must admit, as the end of the month approaches, and therefore, the end of certain sock KAL projects; I'm feeling slightly guilty about my decision to not do the socks. However, the dent that I'm putting in my sweater / shawl yarn stash is such a great motivator.

So, I rescued the DIC Shrug from UFO purgatory (that would be like a laundry baskets-worth, in my case). I love DIC "Classy", I find myself going through my pattern stash, looking for ways to buy more :)! I think this will be for DD, I'm going to do another in black for me ('cause it's slimming, dontcha know). I worked this in the round as much as I could - I hate sewing up knitted stuff, otherwise it was right to the pattern.

I need to vent, 'cause it's happened a couple of times now. I need to get rid of some stash and I have some listed here and on Ravel…

What's Doin' This Week

Thank you all so much for your lovely comments about "Mr. Greenjeans". He was a joy to knit, and fast too :)!

As mentioned on Ravelry, here is the first installment of the Graphic Designer Scarf challenge. DD wanted a specific colour, and has always been persnickety about softness, width, length, etc. of anything she wears :)! So, with the drop of a (beautifully knitted) gauntlet, I was off with some yarn and a graph pad, working out her latest scarf.

There are lots of discussions revolving around design, composition, colours and all that stuff in our house and I wanted this design to reflect some of what DD is always talking about.

So here 'tis. Graphic Designer I is the beginner version of this scarf. It's the sketch of an idea, but already having "good bones" of design. It can be developed even further, and will be in Graphic Designer II.... As always, I only have one test knitter, so if you find any errors in the pattern, please let me know, and I love to …

He's Done! ETA Picture

Not blocked yet - can you tell I'm excited? I think just a light steam to flatten out the cable rib at the bottom and then it's good to go.

No "on a person" pictures until tomorrow. I'm still working through a miserable cold and I look like the wrath of God. Ironically, it's been good for my knitting focus - when I'm not sleeping, I'm knitting :)!

You can click the picture for details.... Dream In Color Classy is FABULOUS! Thank you Connie, for conspiring with me when I should have been working :).