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Thank you all so much for your lovely comments about "Mr. Greenjeans". He was a joy to knit, and fast too :)!

As mentioned on Ravelry, here is the first installment of the Graphic Designer Scarf challenge. DD wanted a specific colour, and has always been persnickety about softness, width, length, etc. of anything she wears :)! So, with the drop of a (beautifully knitted) gauntlet, I was off with some yarn and a graph pad, working out her latest scarf.

There are lots of discussions revolving around design, composition, colours and all that stuff in our house and I wanted this design to reflect some of what DD is always talking about.

So here 'tis. Graphic Designer I is the beginner version of this scarf. It's the sketch of an idea, but already having "good bones" of design. It can be developed even further, and will be in Graphic Designer II.... As always, I only have one test knitter, so if you find any errors in the pattern, please let me know, and I love to see FO's of my design, so if you make one - don't be shy - send me a photo or link :)!

My October Booty Club package arrived this week, I finished the Chevron Scarf (finally!) and restarted my Sunray Shawl, and also started my Sockamania November socks.

Yarn Pirate Knitting Needles! Scout's Swag & Fleece Artist
Worsted Weight shawl
Ripples Socks


pat said…
Karin - the link to the Graphic Designer 1 has an extra http// in it so the link doesn't work.
The scarf is beautiful!
Karin said…
Thanks Pat! All fixed :).
Grace Yaskovic said…
I printed out that and your Warrick scarf, I have over 30 to knit for gifts in the next few weeks so I love lots of new pattern ideas!!
Hello! You have an awesome blog girl! I am in the Ottawa area too. I just started my blog and I wonder how and where you get all those cute buttons?...I would love to decorate my blog but am afraid of stealing bandwidth...since I am new. If you have time to reply...Love your knitting.
wool with you.
Grace Yaskovic said…
Hey karen I started the Graphic and have about 13 inches done, in the set up row do you want both of the decreases to be K3T or the second one to be SSSK which is what I did. I love the pattern, I am using an acrylic, its for a teen and size5's I reduced the edging stitches by 2 on each side for a total of 36 cast on, but I am thrilled with the way its coming really thrilled
smariek said…
Very nice scarf. Also love how figure flattering Mr Greenjeans is on you.

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