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Last FO of 2007

Inuksuk Socks knit in Fleece Artist basic merino.

And, a little bit of Yarn Pr0n to end the year off on a good note :).

Part Two...

Graphic Designer Scarf II is available here. Enjoy!

I Heard The Mermaids Singing...

DD's mermaid scarf. A stash busting project. I've been feeling a yen to crochet something for months now and this freebie pattern came from Knitting Daily - the email newsletter, just in time :) - to save me from whipping up a granny square vest!

To the right is "Porthole Rib". The pattern is set to release this weekend on the Zen String website. It was first released to the ZS sock club members with the November 2007 club kit.

Let The Sunshine In!

After a false start back in April, I pulled this out a few weeks ago to be my "C.S.I" project for Thursday nights. So, making her freshly blocked debut - Sunray Shawl by Shui Kuen Kozinski. This is a cozy, easy shawl and will be living on the sofa to wrap up in when I'm reading (if my Mum doesn't steal it - she's like me, always freezing). Uh oh! DH has said this would be lovely for my Mum-In-Law, so off it goes. There's always more HW, right? That's it so far :). My commute project is "Inuksuk Socks", and I'm trying to plow through the Vogue Trellis scarf - about half way now. Have a great weekend gang! ETA: The first "Graphic Designer I" has been finished! I've just added the photo to the Reader Gallery. Thank you so much to Grace for letting me use her photo - it looks great, check it out!