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In Case The SAM5 Blog Has A Spazz...

Finished "Charade" - details later, too tired right now...

Just Sittin' and Knittin'

Yet another scarf finished (I do live in Ottawa, Canada, after all). This is DS in his "Fundy Waves" scarf. Can't believe I got a picture - he's always out with friends :).

Charade sock is coming along nicely, thank goodness for the long commute. Alas, I don't think I'll make it for the SAM5 this month. Don't faint anyone - I really have been devoting my time to the "Stole of Doom".

My Miss Babs Ribby Pulli is coming along - I have to give my hands a break from the itty bitty shawl needles now and then. I'm just about to start the sleeves.

I have very little Yarn Pr0n lately. No really, don't faint :). I have bought some lovely yarns for sweaters, nothing too thrilling. Haven't received any of my January yarn clubs as yet, looking forward to the latest Booty Club - it's supposed to be gorgeous. Cheers!

Halfway There...

... and counting (every painful, tiny stitch)! So, here is the never-ending Vogue Trellis Stole (of Doom). This is why I don't usually post progress pictures of these kind of projects - doesn't look much different does it? BUT, it's half done, and these panels actually stretch out to (guessing) 75cm or so. I love the pattern (very easy) and the yarn is wonderful to work with (Elann baby lace merino), but it seems like I can knit like a maniac on this and still have not much to show *Sigh*.

And, as I can't knit lace on the bus, here is my commute project progress so far on "Charade".

I'm using a really nice bamboo blend sock yarn from Sereknity, and my KnitPicks Harmony dpns for the first time. I really like these, smooth and light, and just the right amount of "grip" for what can sometimes be a slippery yarn.


Happy New Year!

First FO of 2008.... Didn't plan on having this done so soon, but a quiet New Year's evening (Thai food at our favourite restaurant, then a wicked horror movie) lent itself to getting it off the needles.

I am, as always, starting the year with many UFO's, and no resolutions that I can't / won't keep about stash busting, yarn diets or not starting anything new - I mean really - who wants to tick of THAT inner two year old?!

I would LIKE to get back to my former active lifestyle, and will do my best to make that happen, no resolutions though....

I had a couple of my yarn clubs arrive just as the holiday week was starting, Sundara Seasons #2, and Wool Girl for December. Here's a peek:

I will be making a concerted effort to finish my Vogue Trellis scarf and to get at some of the sweaters in my Ravelry queue - hopefully before I forget what the yarn is for :)!

Have a wonderful New Year everyone...