Halfway There...

... and counting (every painful, tiny stitch)! So, here is the never-ending Vogue Trellis Stole (of Doom). This is why I don't usually post progress pictures of these kind of projects - doesn't look much different does it? BUT, it's half done, and these panels actually stretch out to (guessing) 75cm or so. I love the pattern (very easy) and the yarn is wonderful to work with (Elann baby lace merino), but it seems like I can knit like a maniac on this and still have not much to show *Sigh*.

And, as I can't knit lace on the bus, here is my commute project progress so far on "Charade".

I'm using a really nice bamboo blend sock yarn from Sereknity, and my KnitPicks Harmony dpns for the first time. I really like these, smooth and light, and just the right amount of "grip" for what can sometimes be a slippery yarn.



Liz said…
HI Karin,

I am a graphic designer ^_^ I graduated in 2005. I get made fun of for how many fonts I have. Thank you for adding me to the National Capital Knitters list.

Joan said…
LOL...Stole of Doom!

I have snapped off the wood on every size 1 & 2 KP Harmony needle point I own. Mailing them back to KP to swap for the metal. The wood is so darm pretty tho'.

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