Just Sittin' and Knittin'

DS New Scarf Yet another scarf finished (I do live in Ottawa, Canada, after all). This is DS in his "Fundy Waves" scarf. Can't believe I got a picture - he's always out with friends :).

Charade sock is coming along nicely, thank goodness for the long commute. Alas, I don't think I'll make it for the SAM5 this month. Don't faint anyone - I really have been devoting my time to the "Stole of Doom".

My Miss Babs Ribby Pulli is coming along - I have to give my hands a break from the itty bitty shawl needles now and then. I'm just about to start the sleeves.

Charade sock in merino/bamboo Ribby Pulli

I have very little Yarn Pr0n lately. No really, don't faint :). I have bought some lovely yarns for sweaters, nothing too thrilling. Haven't received any of my January yarn clubs as yet, looking forward to the latest Booty Club - it's supposed to be gorgeous. Cheers!

Tickled Pink Moonlight


I love that scarf! Yummy yarn too.
Joan said…
And she's always multi-tasking!
Love how DS would rather die than look into the camera. Moooommmmm! ;-P
Karin said…
Thanks Ladies! Yeah, DD is very cute / handsome, but very camera shy. He really likes the cottony Sirdar - nicer around the neck :).
smariek said…
That's so cool that he'll wear what you knit him.

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