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Just Under The Wire!

"Simply Love" for Sockamania and SAM5 February - thank goodness it's a Leap Year :)!

These are done in Lanas Puras Melosa fingering - "Passion" colourway - just a fluke - passion, simply love, February - I'm just trying to knit up stash.
I should be casting off "The Stole of Doom" in the next day or two - work has been INSANE the last couple weeks - I'm so stressed & tired, you might find me nodding off over the needles by 7:30 :).

I have been VERY spoiled this week with Yarn Pr0n. My Wool Girl sock club for February arrived - I can't believe how each one seems better than the one before! And my silky merino fingering - this month's selection for the Sundara Seasons club arrived yesterday. It is beyond gorgeous :).

More Productively Speaking!

I've been working on another scarf, when the bus ride isn't too bumpy :). I'm working this in two colours of Duets Original - really liking how it's coming out.

Thank you for your suggestions about my "lack of yarn" dilemma. I have emailed from my "regular" email, but still no response in the last 10 hours. I guess what is really too bad, is that, this dyer does such lovely luxury yarn - I know other people do cashmere, but this was really beautiful. Damn!

I did get a lovely package from two of my most favourit-est Sellers today, my February Loopy Ewe sock club:

And, from Spritely Goods, more yummy Milk & Honey soap and two limited edition colourways on Sidhe and Sylph. Now, if I could just find a little more time :)!


What should I do? I ordered yarn from an online store in October last year. I ordered from an Indie person / company, who is quite well known. The shipment never arrived, the replacement (promised in January) hasn't arrived. The emails politely asking if I can expect a shipment have gone unanswered and my last email (I mean really - 5 months - I think I've been beyond patient!) requesting a refund has been ignored.

I'm not quite sure what to do - all their online activities seem to be going on as normal - no family issues, illness reported; a shop update, etc., but absolutely no communication with me!

Has this ever happened to anyone out there? Should I just keep emailing? I'm thinking this is pretty shabby on the Seller's part (and Heaven knows, I am a VERY good customer).


Coming Along

Here's the progress on my Sockamania socks, "Simply Love". These are this month's commute project and will do mulit-duty for a couple sock clubs, as I'm still knitting away on "The Stole of Doom". That should be done in a couple weeks - I just have so little time to knit! I have some progress on my daily commute sock, now about half-way through the 2nd one. The yarn is Lanas Puras Melosa fingering- it's like a fingering weight Malabrigo :).
Not much else, happening. A new position at work has upped the stress (in a good way) and the home front is "same as it ever was". The bedroom wallpaper marathon is still ongoing - who's the idiot who bought not-drystrippable paper?!
We are all on a "live with less stuff" kick (like the TV show) and I have been sorting through closets and files and piles and you name it. I had no idea just how much had accumulated over the years, the forgotten and the overly-sentimental. I really don't …