More Productively Speaking!

I've been working on another scarf, when the bus ride isn't too bumpy :). I'm working this in two colours of Duets Original - really liking how it's coming out.

Thank you for your suggestions about my "lack of yarn" dilemma. I have emailed from my "regular" email, but still no response in the last 10 hours. I guess what is really too bad, is that, this dyer does such lovely luxury yarn - I know other people do cashmere, but this was really beautiful. Damn!

I did get a lovely package from two of my most favourit-est Sellers today, my February Loopy Ewe sock club:

Yup! Yarntini! Think Spring!

And, from Spritely Goods, more yummy Milk & Honey soap and two limited edition colourways on Sidhe and Sylph. Now, if I could just find a little more time :)!


smariek said…
The Sidhe and Sylph are beautiful! Love how the Sock Club stuff comes in its own little pouch, can't wait to see you knit up that pair.
Karin said…
So true! Spritely Goods has such great colourways - almost too limited (says girl who missed out on Gaeta). The Loopy Ewe kits are such a treasure! You really get a huge return on the sock club cost - especially these notion bags, I really like them :).

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