Could It Be? The Stole Of Doom Is Done!

Vogue Trellis Lace StoleWell, OK, I do need to darn in the ends, but at this point - doesn't count :p !

I got up early this AM, knit what I thought should be the last repeat on both sides, measured, and yup - done. Had to re-learn grafting to join the two sides, not nearly as painful as I remembered it to be.

I had a chance to use the new (to me) "Citrus" Soak - very nice, and it came out wonderful!

So, this baby should be in the mail by Monday morning. Wuhoo!!

I will NOT be doing any knitting that I don't want to do for the next very long while. I plan to cast on a sweater tonight that has been patiently waiting for the end of the stole. I might even boldly ignore the last couple of sock KAL's that I stayed with - how's that for daring :) ?

And here is my "Can't Wait To Get On The Needles" pr0n:

Tilli Tomas Plie in Jade

ETA: A couple more pictures of the finished Trellis Lace

Double layer edges Off to the Post Office


Grace Yaskovic said…
the stole is lovely, I don't know where you are mailing it too but if it arrives here I will let you know right away
junior_goddess said…
It's gorgeous. After all that project hell, I wish you could keep it!!
smariek said…
Love the two closeup shots at the bottom, the stole is gorgeous!

What is this "Citrus" Soak? Is it better than Eucalan?
Karin said…
Thank you Ladies! It's funny - I really enjoyed this, great yarn, simple pattern - but it just got tedious at the end - the reason for all the whining!
Marie, "Soak" is really nice (no rinse, biodegradeable), I like the variety of scents, performance-wise, I think they are identical :).

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