Done :)

My "Rani" socks are finished - really happy with how the idea translated. I'll need to finish drawing the charts, etc. and do a test pair, but I don't think there'll be any changes.

I knit these in Posh Yarns "Lei", a wool / bamboo / silk blend. The colour is a little more subtle in person, shades of ruby, garnet and henna and it's joy to knit with.

The pattern is based on the silverwork detail on a choli and dupatta that I own. Kinda flirting with the idea of "Rajah" - but have already started working on the second in my "Pirate" sock series (first one is available at Zen String). I feel like I can't get all these ideas that have been on hold, out onto the needles fast enough :). Have been on a quest for some inexpensive yarn to indulge my crochet habit - I'm not very good but I am determined, and one of the gals at work (hi Deb!) is a very accomplished Hooker, I'm hoping she'll help me out with this dress.

I came home yesterday to find the first of 2008's Loopy Sock Club AND the first Seven Deadly Spins club packets had arrived - Holy Smokes! I totally L-O-V-E the sock clubs I'm in. Here's a peek at the joy:


That package makes me sorry I didnt join 7 deadly spins! So cool!

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