It's Official - I'm Ambicraftstrous!

Makin' It Up As I Go ScarfWell, technically, I always have been, but I haven't done more than edgings and whatnot in decades a very long time!
So after having admired, ogled and drooled over Lisa's Lady E, done in SWS from Patons, I couldn't walk past these colours, while in Michael's yesterday. (It made a 9-4 staff meeting on a Saturday a little more bearable to pop over to craft heaven with one of my colleagues).
So, having just finished sock one of the Porthole Rib Variation - I flung myself into another scarf. I'm just working a stitch pattern that I like, and it's nice and easy, to get back into the single-implement flow. Thinking already about the matching hat :). I really really like crochet, the results are so immediate and the stitches.... Easily the biggest sell. I had forgotten about - and still don't like - the hippie, bohemian nature of crochet. The chain edge never looks as nice as the turning edge. I know the books say it all comes out in the wash (and believe me, I looked it up, I thought I was just a spaz) but it lacks the precision of knitted edges. And y'all know I'm all about that! Nonethless, I have made the decision to love this project - the yarn is loverly, I can see nice heavy sweaters in this for next Autumn. There is a blue / beige / tan combo that is beautiful.
Hm-m-m, what else? I got some wonderful merino / tencel worsted for a Noro jacket pattern. A special order from dkKnits, and am expecting a pink parcel from Posh Yarns sometime this week. My goodness! It's getting next to impossible to buy any yarn from PY these days - I was after eleventy hundred 8-10 skeins today and by the time I remembered, maybe 12 minutes after the start of the sale - they were virtually sold out of everything!
I'm still working on my Fitted Knits V-Neck, it's waiting while I work out my sock design frenzy. The two Pirate socks are done - number three is percolating - think I may search out the yarn this evening and start the ribbing. The chevrons may be "hibernated" until next Winter - the warmer it gets, the less interested I am in finishing up! I've been toying with a couple sweater pattern ideas, I have more some Zen String aran on the way that I think will be the first of those. Oh, and Ravelry Love, I made the best swap! Some lovely handspun alpaca / wool for a lot of Denim Silk that I know I won't get knit up. Check out TheSpunMonkey on Etsy - it'll give you an idea of how happy I am.

DkKnits Giant Gleem Lilypad Reflection Porthole Rib Sock - Variation Progress 1


Grace Yaskovic said…
as always your knitting is beautiful, love the scarf especially!!
Grace Yaskovic said…
did you know there is a whole discussion on Ravelry on HipKnits, trust me lots of folks are getting screwed
Karin said…
I found it Grace! Thanks so much, I have been so angry about this, and it's good to know I'm not alone. I hope this group, can convince Kerrie to do the right thing.

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