No Really - Crochet Me :)

Finished up the Boteh Scarf (from Interweave Crochet). This was a fun project - and another great use for sock yarn :). I worked it in Seacoast Panda from stash.

Have just about finished the 2nd "Porthole Rib" variation and was inspired to cast on "Friggin' In The Riggin'" - 3rd and final in my Pirate sock series, I'm looking forward to having them finished.

Always running more than 1 project - I couldn't resist casting on one of my dkKnits skeins. It was calling me, I swear! I'm improvising a crochet scarf with it - something that is a little more dressy, to suit the merino / tencel blend, and it is wonderful to work with.

And I finally cast on my Sockamania "Simply Cables" in some stashed GypsyKnits. The 3-ply "Sock It" is so soft, lovely for socks.
Flounder, Did You Borrow My Scarf? Simply Cables


smariek said…
That's an neat effect in your crochet scarf! And you have some pretty cables in that pink sock.
Grace Yaskovic said…
Did your third scarf ever come out and I missed it????
Karin said…
Hi Ladies! Thanks Marie - it was a fun project, and so quick, I'd forgotten that about crochet. And Grace, no - I've just been procrastinating. GDS III was going to be a set of all three plus the hat (a for sale pattern) and I just haven't got there yet.... Work, kids, blech - all the ususal suspects! It will be done soon, as I HAVE to write the Pirate Socks and Rani socks, and I generally do these in batches :).

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