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I Went To Pow-Wow Last Weekend...

And couldn't leave without "Corn Woman". She's carved out of moose antler and makes me happy every time I look at her :).
Only one FO this week - my Japanese Lantern socks. Can't believe they're done, and I'm loving how the handspun looks with the stitch pattern.
The FO in waiting, Jewel Box Scarf, was sans jewels for a long time but they have been found and should be done by next week.
I'm doing some secret knitting that will keep me busy for a while - and most likely posting about shoes, of which I have many :).

My second installment in the Seven Deadly Spins arrived - Wrath - and is again, just outstanding. Jen does for sock clubs what Santa does for Christmas. And the May Booty Club - also gorgeous, I may need to cast this one on right away.

Dig It :) !

My Vogue Trellis Shawl... (The link is now defunct - new yarn to promote - but still see it below).

And again... Another view of the shawl.

This has been the best week for Pointe Shoes, definitely knitting knirvana - and it wasn't jut the yoga class on Tuesday!

Detail photos are on my Ravelry projects.

The Harlot Noticed Me;) !

This would be a happy, happy, joy, joy moment. I noticed that the Yarn Harlot has knit my scarf :)! How awesome is that? My name is mentioned - I am floored and very flattered.... This is an FO from 2006 and the pattern has been available here since 2007 - still my most popular - thanks Peeps! Putting it up on Ravelry really helped - I'm still amazed when someone actually knits my designs, even the simpler ones - it's a really good feeling. Nothin' new with my knitting though - I'm off to yoga tonight, tying knots in myself instead of yarn :). Take care

Happy Long Weekend - One More Day To Knit :)!

And speaking of weekends - the Weekend Jacket is sailing along. Just started the sleeves yesterday and hoping to have all my pieces done by the end of the weekend.

I pulled another KB Design sock out of the naughty basket (they weren't exactly naughty - I was just overwhelmed with the WIP's in my house). Japanese Lanterns was written specifically for some awesome Merlin The Cat handspun that came with one of my Monkey Bags - finished sock one Friday and sock two is underway. I thought I'd be clever and write real notes instead of cryptic Med / Dent shorthand, so this may actually be up in the shop soon :).

Jewel Box Scarf - my crochet scarf in dkKnits merino / tencel is about 3/4's done - need to go to Michael's and find the perfect crystal drops to finish up. It's harder to crochet on the bus than knit - must need more practise.

I ordered some gorgeous Lara and Super Kydd from Elann last week - Lara for a short-sleeve Sirdar cardi and the mohair lace for Interwe…

A Few Yarny Things

Making a little progress here and there. Here's my "Weekend Jacket" from Interweave Crochet. I splurged and bought the Rowan Cashcotton called for, and am in love. I rarely knit with cottons anymore - hurts my hands - but have had good luck with blends. This one is particularly nice, cotton / angora / cashmere, very luxe:)!

So if I mess up this jacket, I will cry.... So far, so good, hoping to have all three pieces finished by tonight - it's just the armhole shaping that needs doing.

I finished up the variation on "Porthole Rib" and am counting it for May's SAM5 KAL. Can't believe I was finished this early in the month - of course now, I'm jinxed! I'm finally getting the third and final version of Graphic Designer Scarf up for sale on Ravelry. Really happy to have this done - had a bit of a "stall out" with the writing bit - well, misplacing my notes didn't help either :)!

My 2nd installment of the Wool Girl club arrived and it i…