I Went To Pow-Wow Last Weekend...

And couldn't leave without "Corn Woman". She's carved out of moose antler and makes me happy every time I look at her :).

Only one FO this week - my Japanese Lantern socks. Can't believe they're done, and I'm loving how the handspun looks with the stitch pattern.

The FO in waiting, Jewel Box Scarf, was sans jewels for a long time but they have been found and should be done by next week.

I'm doing some secret knitting that will keep me busy for a while - and most likely posting about shoes, of which I have many :).

My second installment in the Seven Deadly Spins arrived - Wrath - and is again, just outstanding. Jen does for sock clubs what Santa does for Christmas. And the May Booty Club - also gorgeous, I may need to cast this one on right away.


smariek said…
What? The chocolate survived long enough to be photographed?

Neat how Corn Woman was carved from moose antler.
smariek said…
Hey, remember that Meme you tagged me for way back before the last Ice Age? I finally got around to posting. Better late than never, eh?


Oh wow, my word verification is "kroll", an actual surname! I usually get gibberish.
Karin said…
Ha ha! The chocolate lasted until this AM - only because I "hid" it from me :).
Wow - was it really that long ago? I love reading other people's meme responses, but like Aloette & Tupperware, I'm glad they go through "off & on" cycles!
I'm glad I'm not the only one who notices their word verifications - mine is ffedzxo - sending kisses to the Government? Not!!
Grace Yaskovic said…
love the CornWoman its awesome

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