Hm-m-m... No Knitting, What To Tell?

Meow!Well, there is my Hello Kitty sock club kit from Wool Girl :). Did I mention how much I love Hello Kitty? She showed up in Canada when I was about 13 and "smitten kitten" would be VERY appropriate for my reaction. Still is, much to darling daughters chagrin. I see absolutely no reason whatsoever to stop loving the things I do just 'cause someone later in the generational drift discovered it ;p!

I started my Mad-tini With A Twist for my commute project. Using my Yarn Pirate "Patina", it was just too pretty to resist and I love how it's working up in this pattern.

I splurged on a "Totally Karin" sock bag from Punky on Etsy - is this not the best fabric. And I'll say it again (maybe they'll hear) this would make the best pair of high-top Chucks on the planet! June's dkKnits Sock Club arrived this week. The colour is "Kassius Karin" with a multi-jewel coordinate. All our unique club colours are going to compliment the June Flutterby KAL that Becky has going on - I love mine :)!

Looks More Like A DaquiriKassius Karin
You Can Style The Girl Out Of The Punk, But You'll Never Get The Punk Out Of The Girl
I fibbed - there IS knitting. Well, crochet actually.... Jewel Box Scarf is done, bejeweled and ready for wearing. Worked in dkKnits merino / tencel with Swarovski beads (they have a proper name - threw out the packages, oops). This will be a freebie pattern on Ravelry soon. Japanese Lanterns should be available shortly - just waiting on the artwork to be finished to add into the PDF and that will be available for sale on Rav. And you'll have to take my word for it, the "Secret Knitting" is progressing well. I had some doubts about it but to date, no worries and about 40% of the way there.

And The Jewels So DO Match Perfectly


Jill L said…
Your scarf turned out gret-- love the beads. Yougot some awsome goodies there girl!
smariek said…
So neat that there is a Helly Kitty Sock Club. I grew up with Sanrio stuff, it's still fun stuff.
Grace Yaskovic said…
while on vacation this week I knitted the Warrick scarf and a dishcloth based on the pattern, I hoped to get to the graphic design ones but maybe this week, I bought some gorgeous Sublime for one of them!!
Melissa said…
No way! Hello Kitty sock club? That is the best! And no one is ever too old to love Hello Kitty.
The Hello Kitty sock club goodies rock!!!! love the skulls and crossbones bag to:)HUgs Darcy

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